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1GB Nano!

Posted by rom on February 8, 2006

Apple just released the latest addition to the iPod family, the 1GB Nano! This is a new experience for me — the rare occassion when Apple announces something that is not compelling enough for me to get one! 😀

“Apple cemented its dominance”, my friend, joel, has stated and I agree! 512MB and 1GB iPod Shuffle, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB iPod Nano and the video-playing iPods! Is there a single company providing that many flavors of audio and video playing devices? Can’t think of one at the moment.

Anyway, here’s looking forward to this month’s event. 🙂


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Free eMagazine

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

Check out this new eMagazine called PodcastUserMagazine.

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Joining the Dark Side You Are Not

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

ExtremeTech‘s Jason Cross writes about his switch from Microsoft-based music players to Apple’s iPod. No, you are not joining the Dark Side, Jason, but you have seen the light! How can it be the Dark Side when Apple supports free and open source software? When Apple uses a similar core to Linux?

Apple=Darwin=Open Source=freedom. Freedom is good. Good is not Dark! 😛

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Posted by rom on January 31, 2006

When podcasting started to invade mainstream media, I subscribed to a lot of ’em. When the video-playing iPod was introduced, video blogs or video podcast or vodcasts became my main subscription.

Today, I rarely listen to podcasts (heck, I have to revive my podcast!) but I view a couple of vodcasts using iTunes or the iPod but since producing video is more complex compared to doing an all audio-show, the frequency of updates is low.
Is the fad dead? 🙂 Not at all. I guess it is just that I do not have the time to listen to all those podcasts like before. Oh well.

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View of things to come…

Posted by rom on January 18, 2006

As soon as I transfer to the DILC (and as soon as someone from another office transfers to DILC), this scenario may become a familiar sight in UP. With the problem of hiring and retaining the best professors in the University, having their best lectures available online is the next best thing to do – next to cloning them, of course.

Personally, I’d rather listen to a podcast or watch a video-cast from a good professor than waste 3 hours of lectures every week from some boring professor! The thing is, most professors think that the traditional way of teaching by lecturing alone is still effective, unfortunately, it is no longer the case. Make your classes more interactive, make your students participate rather than just “listening” while tinkering with their mobile phones sending notes to their peers.

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Good guys!

Posted by rom on January 14, 2006

See… iPod owners are more honest that the rest of the lot. 🙂 I wonder why… in my case, you will not see a single pirated music track in my iPods. 😛

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Heads-up: Apple iPod Updater

Posted by rom on January 11, 2006

What is new in iPod Updater 2006-01-10:

  1. Support for the new iPod Radio Remote for iPod with video and iPod nano
  2. Bug fixes for iPod with video, iPod nano, iPod with color display, iPod mini and iPod with Click wheel

Download it now!

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Saturday Night Live!

Posted by rom on January 10, 2006

Well folks, I just bought this


from the iTunes Music Store. Yes, they are now available for purchase!!!! I wish that in less than a day, we will see movies available for purchase! 🙂

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Heads Up: Podner 1.3

Posted by rom on January 10, 2006

Splasm Software released its latest version of Podner, version 1.3. Download it now!

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Portable Firefox

Posted by rom on January 8, 2006

For those iPod Shuffle totting geeks out there (well, this actually works on any USB thumb drive hehehe), enable disk use and allocate enough space to store two copies of Firefox. Yes, two copies: one for the Mac and another for Windows. Don’t bother with Linux since it comes with Firefox by default.

Next, download Portable Firefox. This is a custom-made portable Firefox as opposed to the Windows-only version found at Install the application and customize. That is it! 🙂 You now have a cross-platform open source web browser. No need to install one on a Windows computer, if you cannot find Linux or Mac.

If you use, you can add Portable as well but it only works on Windows computers.

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