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Grow up!

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

A twenty-something OSNews author writes about the UNIX security hype. His contention is that no matter how secure a *nix-based system, at the end of the day it is rendered insecure by still allowing a user’s home directory to be deleted in the event of a malicious code attack, i.e. a virus or malware of any other form, even if it preserves the system files. It goes on to compare *nix-based OS with Windows – that it is no different since the more important user files can be affected anyway.

First, nobody says that *nix-based system are 100% secure. Second, having *nix on the core of your OS does not automatically mean that you do not need to backup your data. Third, while the most important part of your computer system is your data, the system is also very critical in ensuring that your data is always available.

Hypothetically, let us say that the author gets his wish and Mac OS Z changes its notion of security and ensures that user data are always kept secure. Virus named OSNews gets launched and it affects Mac OS Z’s system rendering the system unusable.

Question now is – which is easier to do – restoring backed-up personal data or re-installing the entire system?


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Is there still hope?

Posted by rom on February 3, 2006

Over at the PLUG mailing list, one of the topics being discussed is the talk of Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth, to the government CIOs yesterday. Mark Shuttleworth’s pitch to the government to support Open Source may have fallen to deaf ears as far as the majority of those in the PLUG mailing lists are concerned. These come from the fact that some of them have tried to help government agencies streamline their IT operations and budget by providing Open Source solutions only to be shot down by some government bureacrats incorrectly citing some bogus technical merits of some proprietary solutions!

Is there still hope? I still believe that there is. However, I do admit that it is not a pretty picture as well since I do know that there are people “in power” who are just plain and simple dumb-asses when it comes to procurement.

My take on this, let’s all try to counter these bad asses with good deeds and hopefully, somehow, somewhere, those good deeds will have its effect felt all the way up to Malacanang!

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An afternoon with Ubuntu Linux founder, Mark Shuttleworth

Posted by rom on February 2, 2006

I spent my entire afternoon listening to Mark Shuttleworth‘s talk on Ubuntu Linux and Open Source. Actually, I attended two sessions, first for government CIOs and another for NGOs and Educators.

The first talk was all about getting government to support Open Source and to be familiar with what Mark’s company is about. The funny thing is, I really do not know if the audience had a clue as to what he was talking about or they’re bored. They did not even ask questions, well, they did ask one and that is it. Oh well…


The second session was with educators and NGO and that was when people started asking questions. It was evident that those who are familiar with Open Source are the colleges and universities. Oh well.

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Ditch Windows XP and get Vista for security!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

Apparently, this is what Microsoft’s Jim Allchin implied. What does it really mean? It means that Microsoft’s current operating systems suck as far as security is concerned. Yes, I know that you know that. However, what does it really mean?

For businesses, it means that for you to get Microsoft’s security-enhanced Vista product, you need to buy new licenses as well as new hardware that will be able to run it. This is a good thing for Linux – since Linux practically runs on all existing hardware. This makes more sense for servers, which do not require high-end graphics cards nor the resource hungry UI.

So, my recommendation is for CIOs and CTOs to start plotting that migration plan. I know someone from a huge local school network is currently pitching Linux to his bosses – it will definitely save them a lot of money – enough for them to purchase more hardware. Good luck! If you need help, you know where to contact me.

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Heads-up: Codeweaver’s CrossOver Office Pro

Posted by rom on January 25, 2006

Head to CodeWeavers to get CrossOver Office Pro version 5.0.1. Unfortunately, this is not free but you can download the trial version. My brother uses this to run iTunes and Quicktime. 🙂

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Goodbye Gnomemeeting, Hello Ekiga!

Posted by rom on January 23, 2006

Gnomemeeting is now known as Ekiga and it now supports both H.323 and SIP. Cool, huh?

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Triple Booting the new Intel Macs

Posted by rom on January 11, 2006

I am sure that a whole lot of people are excited to finally see an Intel-based Mac computer. To most, they are hoping that it will dual-boot Windows/Mac OS X or Mac OS X/Linux or even Windows/Linux. Heck, even triple or X-ple boot is a nifty plan.

However, the new Intel Macs use Intel’s Extensible Firmware Interface instead of the more common BIOS. Microsoft’s Vista supports EFI but no other OS supports it yet except for Mac OS X. So, until Vista is released – the Windows/Mac OS X dual boot scenario may not be possible. I am not sure if Linux supports EFI, too.

Until I get my new iMac, I will not be able to test Ubuntu Linux on it. 😀

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Anti-virus for Linux

Posted by rom on January 10, 2006

Grisoft released its popular anti-virus tool, AVG, for Linux. Take note, however, that this is only for home use. Check out the blurb on the site:

AVG Free for Linux is NOT authorized or intended for:

  • Business or commercial use (including testing and evaluation)
  • Non-profit Organizations

Grisoft supports discounts for:

  • Schools (emphasis mine)
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Municipal and government organizations

Not that Linux users need anti-virus software anyway.

My dear users from the University of the Philippines, AVG (for Windows and Linux) is not intended for use in the university unless a license has been obtained.

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What will kill Yahoo! Widgets

Posted by rom on January 2, 2006

With Yahoo! buying Konfabulator and releasing version 3.0 as Widget Engine, Mac OS X Dashboard-like small applications can now be used on Windows, too. However, this news from KDE Developers will allow Linux to have full Mac OS X Dashboard functionality. Ain’t it cool? Imagine being able to download Linux widgets off of the Apple site and vice-versa.

Although Konfabulator was the one that introduced the concept, Apple integrated it to its OS and now Linux will have full support as well. Shame on you, Yahoo! for alienating Linux. Now Linux users will not support your widgets! 😛

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Google Earth on Linux via Wine

Posted by rom on January 1, 2006

Check it out!

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