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Java luvah!

Posted by rom on August 31, 2005

This one will definitely make my friends over at the center happy — coffee is good for you! The stronger, the better! Check this out.

SO, order your espresso frap venti with 2 extra shots! 🙂


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Autographed Apron

Posted by rom on August 31, 2005

barista apron
Originally uploaded by mctux.

The last time someone gave me a signed piece of garment was in high school. I remember my batchmates signing on my shirt. Up to this day, 18 years after, I still have that shirt (well, actually there are two). What will I do with the shirts? Someday, I might just frame it – just to remind me of those wonderful times I have spent in highschool.

Today, however, was similar. Although it was only for 3 short years compared to highschool’s 4, the quality of friendship made with these people who signed on this apron is the same or even better.

Today also marks my last day as an admin serf. 🙂 I am back to my original job as faculty — meaning more time to teach and do projects outside of the university than minding the operations of a university unit. Do not get me wrong – I love working with these folks but sometimes I also have to think of myself, my family and our future. I guess it is time to pursue our plans of applying overseas! Hahahaha…

Back to the apron – I will miss the days when we go out for lunch, our Starbucks sessions (yeah, thanks to you, Macoy, I am now a certified addict! I am glad that my cousin in the US found a study that coffee is good for you! hehehe), our regular pizza and ice cream sessions (thanks to the habitual late comers! hehehe) and not to forget our rackets!

I surely would miss you guys – don’t you worry, I will visit you there once in awhile. 🙂

Thanks for the 3 years, Paul, Jeff, Byron, Macoy, Joel, Myra, Shane and Jen. And to those who worked with me for a shorter period of time, too – Oliver, Rodel, Kelvin and Don. Maybe we can have lunch together one of these days… How about Sept. 8? 😀

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UP Mac User?

Posted by rom on August 28, 2005

Well, if you are like me – a UP faculty member and a Mac user, then this is for you!

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Happy Birthday!

Posted by rom on August 27, 2005

PinoyMac 2nd Anniversary Party
Originally uploaded by mctux.

One of the best online Filipino Mac community celebrates its 2nd year anniversary.

Check out the photos.

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All Talk!

Posted by rom on August 24, 2005

As speculated, Google released its Instant Messaging application called Google Talk. You can download it but unfortunately, it does not (yet) support Mac and Linux.

One thing good about it is that it uses the open standard Jabber protocol. It will not take that long before I drop my YM! client in favor of iChatAV since it also supports Jabber.

So, my friends – transfer to Google Talk and we’ll talk. 🙂 BTW, use rpf0013 as my Google Talk handle.


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On Digital Rights Management

Posted by rom on August 24, 2005

Yesterday’s news is a welcome respite from the confusion regarding which digital rights management (DRM) standard to support. This is particularly important for users, who are the ones purchasing and using the digital media.

An open standard will, hopefully, unify this segment of content distribution. It does not necessarily mean that companies will dump their current DRM implementations but maybe they can add this new standard to allow more users access to the digital media.

Take the case of Apple’s iTunes – Apple refuses to license its FairPlay DRM to anyone. It alienates non-iTunes player and non-iPod devices from playing any of the songs available on the music store. It is a good thing, however, that Apple provided iTunes on both Mac and Windows. Unfortunately, Linux is not supported (yet). I am hoping that Apple will soon release a Linux version.

Another example is that of Microsoft. Now the DRM that Microsoft uses alienates all but Windows users! Talk about being greedy, selfish and inconsiderate! I mean, it is one thing to have your own DRM but by all means, provide players that run on other platforms!

An Open DRM will allow full interoperability of devices and players – regardless of platform! No added cost for licensing, too – reduced cost, hopefully, for consumers.

The question now is – which DRM to use if you are going to distribute your content?

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Online Information

Posted by rom on August 23, 2005

I believe that information that is published online should always be kept updated. It is embarassing to find out a website that is hosting invalid info. The website, specially if it an official website, provides the first impression to visitors. I just wish that information, specially in U.P., should always be up-to-date.

The photos above come from the College of Engineering, one of the few academic units with a dedicated web-team hired to maintain the site!

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ACM Turing Lecture

Posted by rom on August 23, 2005

I normally wake up at 4/430 in the morning to do my usual online rounds. I have been doing this ever since I was a secondary school student. I guess my body clock got programmed and I find it quite difficult to re-program it. Even when I was overseas, where traffic is not at all that bad so there is no need to wake up early, my body clock alarms at 430 or 5AM at the latest.

Anyway, today is a special day for geeks like me. The Association for Computing Machinery is webcasting, for the very first time, the ACM Turing Lecture from University of Pennsylvania. Today’s lecture is given by Vinton G. Cerf and Robert E. Kahn, Recipients of the ACM 2004 Turing Award.

Although it is unfortunate that UPenn is using RealMedia to stream it, at least it is not Microsoft media! 🙂 I wish that it were done using QuickTime.

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Starbucks Commonwealth

Posted by rom on August 20, 2005

Originally uploaded by mctux.

After viewing some of the photos in the Starbucks Flick group, I craved for Starbucks coffee and this morning, I persuaded my daughter to come with me to Starbucks at 7am. 🙂 It was just a short walk and we both benefitted from the morning exercise.

Look at her choose her breakfast for the day. 😀

Anyway, I ordered Caramel Macchiato with extra shot again. Contrary to what I believed was a mistake on the part of the barista from Starbucks Katipunan, the Macchiato came with 3 shots! Yeah, I guess there really was no mistake at all. I ended up with a 3-shot drink again.

Well, might just get another dose of caffeine from Starbucks tomorrow unless I wake up late and decide just to have tea. hehehe…

I wonder how many Starbucks branches are scattered here in Metro Manila. I have visited SM Fairview, Commonwealth, Katipunan, T. Morato, Podium, 2 in SM Megamall, 6750 near Shangri-La Makati hotel, Eastwood, Libis and Market! Market! How about you?

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Posted by rom on August 18, 2005

Originally uploaded by mctux.

Another boo-boo today!

After lunch, we went to Starbucks to get our caffeine drip for the day. Yeah, the coffee in the office is just not enough (maybe because there’s no caramel and hot milk!).

Anyway, I ordered 3 hot caramel macchiato grande for me and two of my staff. One added an extra shot and the other followed…

“Make it three!”, I said to the lady barista.

Unfortunately, we seem to be on a different dimension or something. What the barista did was to have 2 extra shots to each of our macchiatos!

Three shots total!!! We could no longer taste the caramel! Argh. The weird thing is, though, except for some extra stomach acid activity, I feel sleepy. I am not sure if I can get some sleep but we will see how potent 3 espresso shots really is. 🙂

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