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Posted by rom on January 7, 2006

MacWorld released a nifty collection of eateries in San Francisco in an iPod-friendly format. This is a good tool if you are attending MacWorld or any event held in the Moscone. I wish that I get to attend this year’s JavaOne – this collection will definitely be very useful. 🙂

Wish that they released it a year earlier. Would have been easier to find good ‘eye-ball’ place for the Bay Area Pinoymac members.


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What do you think these are?

Posted by rom on January 2, 2006

My wife, my two sons and I went to Tokyo, Tokyo this morning to have lunch. My wife and I ordered Shrimp Tempura each and ordered a Chicken Katsu for the two kids to share. In addition, I ordered this


What do you think these are? Actually, this is the second serving already – not that I ordered 2 but the first one was burnt on the sides and still a bit uncooked at the middle. Weird, huh? Well, it was supposed to look like this


After two tries, I asked to see the manager of that branch and asked for a refund. I do not know if their cook will ever be able to make it correctly but I was expecting it to look like the one on their menu.

Since I am posting this rant about Tokyo, Tokyo, I might as well say that the Potato balls (from the Chicken Katsu) were cold, the Yakisoba (it might be cold to start with but am just not used to it) and the veggie salad that they serve (with the Tempura and Katsu) were cold as well.

So, if you are anywhere near the vicinity of a Tokyo, Tokyo restaurant, unless there is no other alternative, I’d recommend that you stay away from it! The only thing worth eating there is their Chicken Teriyaki. 🙂

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7 peso box

Posted by rom on December 26, 2005

This afternoon, my wife and I went to Mr. Choi over at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. It is a new branch so we were curious as to the kind of food they offer. Today is my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, ma!) so we decided to just order food for take out.

We ordered the crispy noodles with seafood and half a roast duck. Yum! Yum! When the bill came, they were charging us an extra PhP7 for the box for the roast duck. Hmmm… SuperBowl of China will not charge you extra for the box but guess what the waiter said?

“Ma’m (he was talking to my wife), imported po kasi yung box”, defended the waiter.

My wife contested it and the waiter just said “Ok, di bale na lang ho”.

As expected, we got the roast duck packaged in a styro box instead of their imported box. 😀

In fairness, their food is ok but you’d get better tasting food from SuperBowl of China.

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Shakey’s: 1 Us: 4

Posted by rom on December 26, 2005

The other day, we ordered another pizza and Shakey’s was able to deliver it a full 5 minutes before deadline. Kudos to Shakey’s! 😀

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Strike four!

Posted by rom on December 17, 2005

This afternoon, after spending the entire day searching for product keys and activation codes (well, that is another story), I decided to order pizza from Shakey’s. It should have been a Yellow Cab pizza but the 1.5-hour wait time is unacceptable. Shakey’s guarantees 30-minute delivery of your pizza. So I ordered my Party-sized Manager’s Choice thin crust pizza.

Took them 35 minutes to deliver making it the fourth free pizza we’ve received in a month from Shakey’s! Yes – they’re late four times, ergo 4 free pizzas! These guys just don’t get it. We’re just five minutes away from their nearest branch and they still cannot make it on time.

Oh well, thanks for the free pizzas Shakey’s… til next time.

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Why you need more caffeine…

Posted by rom on December 1, 2005

Another study cites the benefits of coffee. Coolness! 😀

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Free Food!

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

We usually have our pizza delivered by Yellow Cab. However, during weekends, the waiting time increases from 30-45 minutes to 45-60 minutes due to the number of orders they are getting. Pretty in demand, huh?

We no longer order from Pizza Hut since that night when my kids and I had stomach pains after eating their pizza. Yeah – it was unfortunate and since then, Pizza Hut lost a customer.

Next is Shakey’s. This is the nearest to our house – just a five minute motor bike ride. With their 30 minute guarantee, pizza should be piping hot when delivered… which is not always the case.

Today, I just availed of their current promo – an 18″ pizza similar to Yellow Cab’s Four Seasons, i.e. you get 4 different flavors in one pizza. Since it is larger than the usual pizza that they deliver, guaranteed delivery time is 45 minutes (as opposed to 30 minutes). Unfortunately, they could not deliver on time (for the 3rd time) and we got a free 18″ pizza again. Sorry I was not able to take a photo of the pizza but I must tell you, it did not look like a pizza anymore. The dough was not tossed properly — lift one slice and half of it will be left behind. The toppings did not cover the entire pizza, too… and it’s too oily! (yuck!) Since we waited almost an hour for the pizza and we were too hungry, we just ate it (just hope that we don’t get stomach aches later). Could not even finish 2 slices! Oh well… this is good for my diet! 🙂
My recommendation – don’t order it! Unless, of course, it is delivered free but then again, you better think twice!

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Fattening treats

Posted by rom on August 28, 2004

Fattening treats

Had lunch with the wife at Superbowl today. We decided to buy some
treats for the kids back home – so we went to this donut shop. Mango
Bango anyone?

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Karate Kid or whatever

Posted by rom on August 17, 2004

Went to the mall this afternoon to finally complete my Globe postpaid application requirements and hoping that I’d get the SIM today. Well, unfortunately the person who handled my application was not there. The girl who assisted me told me that she’d call within the day if she gets lucky in tracking that person. Anyway, she called a few minutes ago to tell me that I can pick up my SIM tomorrow. Coolness!

Let’s go back a few minutes before going to the Globe business center. Ah, my wife, daughter and I decided to have lunch at SM Fairview. The new Annex sports a lot of new restaurants. Went to the second floor and found this Japanese restaurant called Karate Kid or something like that. Looked promising. We did not expect the same level of service as Saisaki, of course, and only expected something like Tokyo Tokyo, another Japanese fast food chain.

Ordered our usual fare of tekamaki, california maki and ebi tempura. The ebi tempura is inferior to that of Tokyo Tokyo! Yes, you could just imagine. It is the same as the Arigato Express Japanese fastfood in Don Antonio, QC. Incidentally, Arigato Express has a branch in SM Fairview as well – just a floor below Karate Kid. Anyway, the california maki and tekamaki sucked big time! YES, you are better off going to Arigato Express, which I do not recommend unless you do not have any other choice!

Final verdict: 1 of 5. Not recommended!

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