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Temporarily moving out…

Posted by rom on February 9, 2006

I have decided to download WordPress and install it on a server somewhere. I have moved some of the blog entries but not the comments, yet. 🙂

Anyway, please visit the new site and don’t forget to click on the advert at least once. 😛


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Posted by rom on January 27, 2006

The new feature that allows you to import blogs from other blog sites such as allowed me to consolidate all my blogs into one site! Coolness!

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Posted by rom on January 15, 2006

Download the free 22-minute featurette of Hoodwinked from the iTunes Music Store. I was watching it a few minutes ago and couldn’t help but notice that some of the parts were done here in the Philippines! Cool, eh? I however, I find it absurd that those Filipino animators do not even know what a ‘double-take‘ is nor do they know how to render snow (since according to the speaker, they might have not seen snow yet). Shesh!

Oh well – apart from those comments and apart from the fact that it is nowhere near the quality of the Pixar films (btw, there are Filipino artists there as well – notice the “bahay kubo” in the Finding Nemo aquarium?), it is a worthy achievement by the Filipino animation company. Way to go, guys!

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Blinky and Pointers

Posted by rom on January 12, 2006

Check out this cool video to learn about pointers in 3 minutes!

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Best Blog on WordPress

Posted by rom on January 9, 2006

Thanks guys for adding me to the list.

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Save the Rainforest

Posted by rom on January 8, 2006

If you are kind enough to care about the future of our planet, save a part of the rainforest by clicking a certain button. A click a day saves 11.4 square feet of endangered rainforest.

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Posted by rom on January 1, 2006

This is a pleasant surprise! Yes, I was just blog surfing and accidentally found this

Picture 1.png

Couldn’t believe it – #5?! Coolness! What a way to start 2006! Thanks, folks!

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Merry Christmas!

Posted by rom on December 24, 2005

Ikea Christmas baubles

In a few hours, Christmas will be here. Just want to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas!

Happy Birthday, our Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂

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More on VT

Posted by rom on December 22, 2005

With hardware virtualization as the next best thing this 2006, I am curious – if you are a Mac or Linux user, what other OS will you run on your computer?

Personally, I do not see the need to install another OS besides Mac OS X. I mean, with Mac OS X I get practically all the software that runs on Linux and with Apple’s shift to Intel, it will be far easier to port the rest of the Linux apps. Windows? Who needs it? I mean, I have been Microsoft-free for several years already!

How’d I maximize the VT? Well, I might install several versions of Mac OS X! Run server apps on one, use another as my day-to-day computing and another for development! Cool, huh? If one crashes, the overall system will still be up and running!

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Next best thing to a pet

Posted by rom on December 17, 2005

If you are like me who faces an impossible feat of getting a pet dog (the wife just don’t want one… yet), the next best thing is getting a robotic pet or robopet.


I saw this at the local pet toy store and retails for a little less than PhP5,000. Close to the US price. If you check the box, however, it says “Warranty void if bought outside the US and Canada” or something like that. Weird, huh? I asked the folks at the toy store and was told that there is a 7-day warranty. 7 DAYS? ONLY? Forget it!

Yesterday, I went to another toy store and was told that it comes with lifetime service warranty. Parts, however, no included. Hmmm… better response than the first one. 🙂

I am wondering – the roboraptor might even be a better buy! Just a problem, though, what happens on Boxing day when the novelty wears out. hehehe. I am better off waiting for Steve Jobs to do his “one more thing” stint in 3 weeks. 😀

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