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The IT Crowd

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

The UK Channel 4’s The IT Show just released its first 2 episodes. There are some parts that are funny but if you are not familiar with British humour, you may find it a bit of a bore.

One thing that most Filipinos have in common with some of the Brits is the fact that they do not have much confidence on anything built in Britain. I thought that it was just the Filipinos who feel this way but I experienced it first hand when we were buying some small appliance from one of UK’s largest warehouse store, Argos. One of the salespersons told us that appliances made in Britain bog down easily compared to those made in continental Europe. Weird, huh? What is even weirder is that The IT Show’s second episode stressed it more. 🙂


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Cool Adverts!

Posted by rom on February 2, 2006

Picture 1.png

Check out the iTunes Music Store and get ESPN‘s cool TV commercials!

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Heads-up: free episode of “Drawn Together”

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

On Monday, January 30th, a new episode of Comedy Central’s hit-animated reality series “Drawn Together� will be released on iTunes for free—three days in advance of the February 1st network debut, making it the first “iTunes Episode Premiere.�

Mark your calendar!

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NBC pulls plug again…

Posted by rom on January 25, 2006

NBC cancels “West Wing” and “Book of Daniel“. I do not watch “West Wing” but I did watch the first few episodes of the shortlived “Book of Daniel”.  Anyway, two shows axed. I just hope that they get to replace it with better shows soon.

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Posted by rom on January 23, 2006

I found it here and followed the link to the original article… I am pleasantly surprised with the news that they will be doing four double episodes of “Friends”. Way to go! Can’t wait to watch these shows next year.

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Hate you!

Posted by rom on January 11, 2006

Just tried to buy a video from Google’s video store and it popped up a notice saying that it is not available in my country!!

Argh and double argh! This is like Yahoo! video as well. I wish that there is a way to be able to purchase these videos, too.

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Saturday Night Live!

Posted by rom on January 10, 2006

Well folks, I just bought this


from the iTunes Music Store. Yes, they are now available for purchase!!!! I wish that in less than a day, we will see movies available for purchase! 🙂

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Heads Up: Podner 1.3

Posted by rom on January 10, 2006

Splasm Software released its latest version of Podner, version 1.3. Download it now!

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Firefly Marathon

Posted by rom on January 6, 2006

Since yesterday, I am still not feeling well. Got a bad case of colds that affected my right ear (blocked right ear). It still is affected right now but is slightly better. No, I am not getting deaf – it just feels like you are underwater (for one ear), you still get to hear something. I have decided not to go to school today since my throat still hurts. I hate feeling like this but I guess this is due to the cold weather we’re having right now. Warm during the day and cold after midnight. Argh!
Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the snow than Philippine summer! The end of winter and the start of spring is the best season for me but unfortunately, those are non-existing here in the Philippines. Oh well.

Enough with the weather. To cope up, I spent most of my time resting. Not that much computing as well (hence, no blog entry yesterday). I just did a Firefly marathon. Just 2 episodes to go and then watching Serenity later this afternoon. Am also home alone with 3 kids. Zoe went to school whilst the wife went to take care of some business and won’t be back til later this afternoon.

Hope that I’d get to update this blog later today. We’ll see how it goes. Darn colds!

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Late Christmas gifts…

Posted by rom on January 3, 2006

My brother-in-law will arrive from New Jersey tomorrow before midnight and we will picking him up at the airport. I am hoping that he’s able to bring my goodies from the US.


I can’t wait…

Oh, I forget – he’s bringing me a US$50 iTMS GC! Coolness!!!!

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