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The Holiday that isn’t…

Posted by rom on December 28, 2004

Well, inspite of taking some time off to celebrate the birth of Christ, the two-week long holiday is turning out to be more work for me than rest! 😦

Yes, I just finished a proposal for a friend and I might end up writing another one tomorrow. I just hope that these were done BEFORE the break but heck, sometimes you just do not have any choice. No, not that I am complaining or wait, I AM complaining! But then again, looking at the bright side, it is a good way to end 2004 and start 2005 busy with proposals for projects. I think 2005 will be a far better year for me than 2004!

I just wish the proposals for the projects materialize so that all the time and effort I’ve spent will be worth it. 😀

To make matters worse, my cellphone SIM conked out! I couldn’t send SMS but I could reply to an SMS. I could send MMS, too. Shesh! It was really a funny but annoying experience. My Globe SIM wouldn’t allow me to set the SMS Type to TEXT on my K700i. The phone just didn’t want me to initiate an SMS message! I have transferred my SIM to the iPaq 6365 and it worked. Used another Globe SIM on my K700i and it worked as well. Shesh! Went to Globe and all they did was use a Nokia to set the SMS Type to Text and handed it back to me and all’s well! ARGH!!!! Oh well…


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Personal: Happy Birthday Jesus!

Posted by rom on December 25, 2004

Christmas is a time for the family to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, I am wonder how many people still remember that it is His Birthday and unless you’re born on the same day, you shouldn’t be expecting to receive presents but instead giving them. 😀

What was/were your memorable Christmas(es)? In my short existence here on Earth so far, I have had my share of memorable Christmases. One was a Christmas when my paternal grandfather was still alive (I never had a chance to meet my maternal grandfather, unfortunately). Lolo, as the Filipino word for grandfather, was the glue that bound the entire family together — bound his 14 children and their families! I remember the time when most of our relatives who’re based overseas came home to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. It was an unending Christmas celebration — from the eve of Christmas, which was when one of my aunt celebrates her birthday until the 26th, my mom and cousin’s birthdays. Food overflowed, everyone stayed in the ancestral house in Quezon City and all the cousins had fun playing games. Boy, I do miss it. Today, each family grew apart with only a handful of brothers and sisters keeping close contact. One wish for this Christmas is to have a peaceful reunion for our family.

How many of you have spent Christmas alone BY CHOICE? Well, this is one of my memorable Christmas celebration as well. It was in 1995, I was alone in the apartment – my flatmates either went to their families or spent it with their friends. I chose to be alone to reflect on a very special occassion. It’s my only chance to be alone on Christmas. It was a solemn Christmas but had my Christmas dinner of menudo, ice cream cake, pasta and roast chicken (I think – don’t remember anymore). 😀

Another memorable Christmas was in 1997, my first Christmas with Charmagne, my wife. We were alone in England – no close friends, no family either. We just had a simple Christmas meal but we’re happy we have each other! 😀

The following Christmases are special in their own way – our first Christmas with our first born, Zoe. Christmas with our first son, Eco. First Christmas as a family in the Philippines with Oz and this Christmas, with our complete family including Zia.

Happy Christmas everyone! Thank God for all the blessings He gave us and hope that He will continue to bless us with health, happiness and a little bit of wealth. 😀

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Tama na, sobra na!

Posted by rom on December 21, 2004

Apologies for the title being in the vernacular.

I am just sick and tired of the way Filipinos sensationalize some rather unimportant events. The recent death of Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) is a sad news indeed (condolences to his family). However, covering his wake on TV for practically 24 hours is a bit too much! Heck, this is NOT a national event! I’d rather see fund raising campaigns for the victims of the typhoon but no – local TV networks capitalize on other more “important” news! Yes, it is indeed SICK! Can’t they even give the family of FPJ some privacy? I am sure that some good for nothing politicians will capitalize on FPJ’s death. Shesh! And oh, network TV advisory — the funeral will preempt ALL morning shows tomorrow! What the…

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Lantern Parades and parties

Posted by rom on December 18, 2004

Christmas is just a week away. My Christmas parties started last Dec. 4, with the party. The party ended yesterday with my office party. Yes, no more parties except for the Noche Buena on the 24th.

UP just had the last Lantern Parade under the President Nemenzo administration. Next year, on February 10, 2005 to be exact, President Nemenzo will hand over the torch to the current UP Diliman Chancellor, Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman. She will be the first woman president of the University and the centennial president as well. Go to the UP website to see the Lantern Parade video clips.

Just in case you don’t hear from me til the end of year, let me greet you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

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Adding an entry to my Google’s Vanity search

Posted by rom on December 18, 2004

Well, with more than 6,000 pages indexed by Google with reference to my name. I recently found out that the Firefox advert was released on the NY Times! Yes, my name is on it as well – this is how much I support Open Source! 😀 This one might add another entry on Google! Hahahaha…

You can find a low res version of the advert in the blog of my friend, Joel, who is also on the advert!

So what the heck are you waiting for? Ditch IE and download Firefox now! Believe me, it is worth every byte!

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Vanity search

Posted by rom on December 18, 2004

Vanity search
Originally uploaded by prof_x.

Google’s New Service named Google Suggest (see photo for URL) automatically suggests topics as you type your search string.

I did a vanity search and found out that Google has indexed more than 6,000 sites with my name on it. Coolness!!!

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Wireless at last!

Posted by rom on December 14, 2004

Don’t get me wrong. I have been wireless for a long while already. Been wireless at the office and wireless at home – even before 802.11g came out!

Today, however, I managed to test my free PLDT WiFi access via Airborne Access at Seattle’s Best, Tomas Morato branch. It was not, however, without a slight problem. Well, I asked for ‘technical’ support on how I can use my PLDT MyPAD account to login but unfortunately the ‘baristas’ there didn’t know zit about it.

I just experimented with a Sony Clie and thought that it was the NetFront browser that is defective. Can’t blame me – a whole lot of sites do not support non-IE browsers (and these sites should be banned!). Anyway, I then tried PocketIE, or whatever it is called now, on an iPAQ and was able to connect! GREAT! Free WiFi connection!

Feeling that it’d work on the Clie, I tried it again… and bingo! Was able to connect, too. 😀

Thanks, PLDT. I hope that this will be made free as part of our DSL subscription, just like Globe. 😛

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Beat that!

Posted by rom on December 14, 2004

Stanford University researchers studied the 5.7 million lines of code of Linux and only found a little below 1,000 bugs! Compare that with Microsoft’s 40 million lines of code and the number of bugs found almost every week. I rest my case.

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Posted by rom on December 13, 2004

Australian TCO Study: Linux Wins Again

From Slashdot:An anonymous reader writes “An updated Linux vs Windows TCO study has found that a 250-seat company can end up saving 36 percent if it were to equip its users with the open source operating system and applications that run on it.”

Need I say more?

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Mac Tablet

Posted by rom on December 13, 2004

From Slashdot:teknokracy writes “MacMod has a story about a unique Mac hack. Joseph DeRuvo Jr. says: “As a Photographer and a Dyslexic the idea of being able to use a Tablet as a platform for showing photographs, editing, and an extension of my badly organized memory is very appealing. … So taking matters into my own hands I cut into a Dual USB iBook and didn’t look back.” It seems our intrepid hardware hacker hasn’t just flipped around the LCD and added a semi-functioning touch screen – he’s completely engineered a new kind of mac portable, complete with a CF reader, properly installed touch sensor, and topped it all off by properly engineering it all into an Ives-worthy design. With all the trouble these particular iBook models have experienced, why not hack one up for fun and turn it in to something useful?”

Well, the TabletPC is one cool device but with very little following. I think the smartphones and PDAs are more in a position to get market share than the tablet. Now, if only Apple will release a Smartphone…

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