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Web Accessibility

Posted by rom on November 30, 2005

Here is to hoping that each and every web developer out there comply with web standards rather than using their self-defined standards (yes, that is you, Microsoft!). Anyway, check out this accessibility tutorial. I hope that my UVLE team is reading this. 🙂


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Updates Galore

Posted by rom on November 30, 2005

First order of business, Repair Permissions and then fire up Software Update on your Mac. This will download and install Security Update 2005-009. This is available for both Tiger and Panther’s server and client installations.

Next, go to Mozilla and download version 1.5 of Firefox! Works on Windows, Linux and Mac. Free the web! Download Firefox and dump MS Internet Explorer!

For video-playing iPod owners, Splasm just released version 1.1.2 of Podner. I now have a lot of video converters for my fifth gen iPod – Quicktime Pro 7.0.3, Toast 7, Podner and MoviePod. So far, I like the way Podner performs. I have tried MoviePod yesterday but will see how it performs on medium quality encoding. The lowest quality is super-fast! [If you do not use Quicktime Pro’s engine hehehe]

Firmware version 2.6.0 for the Sony Playstation Portable is now out. First hand report from my friend, Joel, indicated that it rocks! Streaming podcasts, RSS, WMA, etc. Well, I am still not getting one until CES this January. Besides, the Giga Pack has yet to be released locally.

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Doggie Brains

Posted by rom on November 29, 2005

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I *heart* my Mac!

Posted by rom on November 29, 2005

You have to listen to this. After the Open Source song, this one definitely is a must have iPod song for geeks!

Apologies to Ms. Kalfon, I am reproducing the lyrics here.

whenever I want, to plug in a peripheral
it recognizes it right away
I dont have to sweat, and pray for a small miracle
its just great for me
Im as happy as can be
and I have better productivity

I love my Mac
cuz its so dependable, so sensible so beautiful
oh its the only one for me

theres never a need, to think about security, trojan horses and viruses
they dont stand a chance, they are such a rarity
its just working fine
I have such peace of mind
and theres a bond of a special kind

I love my Mac
cuz its so dependable, so sensible so beautiful
oh its the only one for me

any software I use, is always so reliable
and I can find almost anything
forums chat groups message boards and newsgroups are commendable
its all there for me
its one big happy family
of Mac enthusiasts from sea to sea

I love my Mac
cuz its so dependable, so sensible so beautiful
oh its the only one for me

iPods, Macdraw, Appletalk, Powerbooks
iTunes, Quicktime, Final Cut, Appleworks
iMacs, Panther, Firewire, USB iMovie iChat and iDvd
but the greatest one for me
its been the answer to my dreams
its the best app in the land
the funnest program ever known to man
why, Garage Band

I love my Mac
cuz its so dependable, so sensible, so beautiful
oh its the only one for me

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Posted by rom on November 29, 2005

Just a poll – which one do you prefer – this or this?

I like the way WordPress is providing features such as tagging, drag and drop image handling, etc. However, I like the way Blogger allows users to edit their HTML and CSS templates!

Argh! If only I have my own site, then I’d definitely get WordPress but then again… who needs to spend more money for a hosting service anyway? 🙂

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Christmas is here!

Posted by rom on November 29, 2005

Just went to my favorite Starbucks branch along Commonwealth Avenue this morning to my first caffeine boost. Got honey-glazed donuts for my daughter (she has a fever after she got her shots yesterday – normal body reaction, according to her doctor, Tita Ivy) and then decided to join the rest of the country and start the season right. I bought this CD – a little less than US$10, so it is well worth it (US$9.99 over at iTunes Music Store – if it is even available!).
Popped it in my powerbook’s superdrive, ripped it to Apple Lossless format and that is it! Time to transfer it to my Nano and 5G ipods. 🙂

Merry Christmas, folks! I have far less number of gifts to buy this year. hehehe. Will just give gifts to folks who are dear to me. 😛

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Firefox 1.5 bug

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

Just heard that Apple is now quietly shipping Aperture. I checked the Quick Tours and got this:


Nice! 😛 Well, I am sure that the official release of 1.5 will fix this issue. 😀

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Another one bites the dust!

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

First it was Rio, then Olympus and now BenQ! Yeah, BenQ is reported to be retreating in the battle for MP3 player dominance, at least in Taiwan. Apparently, there are too many iPods in the market there that their BenQ brand can no longer compete.
Who will be next?

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Survived doing the wrong thing!

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

When I was a student, I tend to study in the wee hours of the morning prior to an exam. This has been effective study technique for me.

However, one of the tips outlined here recommends reading and memorizing just before going to bed. Hmmm. I don’t know if it will work for me but it is worth a try.

Time to go to sleep. hehehe. 😀

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How to save money using faster broadband connections

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

With today’s broadband battle going in full swing, subscription costs either decreases or bandwidth increases or even both. Current broadband bandwidth, at least for residential customers, can go as fast as 2 Mbps. People tend to get lowest priced package – lowest cost per bandwidth. However, power users get what they can afford.
That being said, is the lowest cost actually lower than the next package?

For a power user like me (unfortunately spoilt by having fast connections overseas), I am currently subscribed under the fastest available residential package, 2Mbps. I could have subscribed to the more affordable PHP995 (384kbps or was that 512kbps) but the maths may prove that I will be spending more in the long run. How is it so?

Lower bandwidth means longer download times. This easily translates to more power. With power rates endlessly increasing (even when the cost of oil goes down and the peso improves), the total cost might just be more than spending for the next higher bandwidth package. More so if you are one of those people who frequent bittorrent sites. 🙂

So, if you are looking at subscribing to a broadband service or thinking of increasing or decreasing your bandwidth, take this into account. Remember that the faster you download, the less time you are online and the less time your computer needs to remain on. 😀

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