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Marooned on an island!

Posted by rom on November 29, 2004

Yes, that was how it felt when I was offline for almost 24 hours! Yesterday morning, I was happily surfing the ‘net when suddenly, my Airport Extreme Base Station started to re-connect. Apparently, my PLDT DSL connection went bonkers. Normally, a modem reset is all that is required but this time, it took a long time for the AEBS to get an IP address. I thought that my AEBS was acting up so I transferred the DSL connection to my Netgear router – same thing. I couldn’t get some feedback so I directly connected the DSL modem to the computer and logged the errors – Username unknown. WEIRD!

I called PLDT’s 173 and informed them of the problem. I informed them that I couldn’t connect. They called their DataNet services and asked for help – ‘pinged’ my modem and tested the line. Everything’s ok. I told them that it is a problem with their server rejecting my login. As always, they said that they will send someone to check the connection. No matter how hard I tried informing them that is a problem on their end and not here so there is no need to send somebody — they insisted. Shesh!

This morning, I got a call from someone knowledgeable – FINALLY! I told the guy what the problem was — he called DataNet and bingo! We identified the culprit — they changed my login password without telling me! And to think that I even asked 173 if they’re still using the same username-password pair that I was using! SHESH!

Anyway, everything is back to normal! YAHOO! Oops, it is not normal — my cell provider’s down! YES, darn Globe is down at the moment and it affects the entire city! It was like this since this morning! Yes, isn’t it obvious that I am not amused?!

Wait… here it is — checking my K700i… bingo! Got signal back and now everything is back to normal. Whew!


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Why not the Philippines?

Posted by rom on November 25, 2004

If Intel can help other Asian countries use Linux, how come it cannot do the same thing for the Philippines? What does it take for Intel Philippines to do the same thing locally? Is Intel resigned that Microsoft is the only way to go as far as the Philippine market is concerned?

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My new laptop bag

Posted by rom on November 25, 2004

After resigning that not all the best bags will be available locally, I have decided to get one that is available rather than buying one overseas and having it shipped or waiting for one to be carried by the local shops.

I finally decided to get the Hedgren bludot backpack over the InCase sling. Both are of the same price range (and no, I couldn’t get myself to spend more than four thousand pesos for a bag). The additional and a bit larger compartment is what made me choose the Hedgren.

I just realized that this backpack has the same design as my wife’s Hedgren backpack! Coolness! Now we have a matching pair.

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Give up your pirated Windows XP and get a legit copy!

Posted by rom on November 25, 2004

Microsoft’s Piracy Amnesty Programme is a very good way of getting your illegally copied and installed operating system replaced with a legit copy. Whilst I usually recommend either switching to a Mac or using Linux, this program is one way to curb piracy. I am now wondering if this works here in the Philippines. I’ll ask Microsoft Philippines if we’re covered.

This still, however, does not prevent you from being locked-in to Microsoft. If you want complete freedom, use Linux. 🙂

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Christmas is just around the corner

Posted by rom on November 24, 2004

One month til Christmas, which means that there are only three weeks of work and classes left for the year. Christmas party invitations are starting to come in with the first party on the 4th of December.

Parties mean gifts. I have done some Christmas shopping already but I still have tons of gifts to buy. I just hope that I’d get gifts, too. 🙂

This Christmas I am thinking of having a different menu for noche buena (midnight dinner). Maybe you have recipes for easy to cook or bake recipes, please share. 🙂

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First Woman UP President

Posted by rom on November 23, 2004

The Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines has finally elected the successor of UP President Francisco Nemenzo, Jr. Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman will be the UP Centennial president and shall assume office this coming February 2005. She is the first woman president of the University.

Congratulations, UP Diliman Chancellor Roman!

Now the search is on for the next UP Diliman Chancellor…

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Super geek stuff: Solaris 10’s Zones

Posted by rom on November 21, 2004

At the 18th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA ’04), Sun Microsystems presents more details on the design of Solaris 10’s ZFS. It is a very detailed but geekingly interesting read.

Check it out! I hope that the Linux folks get to take a look at it and use it for Linux 3.0. 🙂

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Never ending search for the perfect laptop bag

Posted by rom on November 20, 2004

I went to the mall today to look for a suitable bag for the 15″ powerbook. The usual shops where you can find laptop bags are the Travel Club and of course, Apple Center. Apple Center carried Booq sleeves and InCase sling bags. The InCase is an attractive bag and seems to be the best choice from the store. Travel Club offered Samsonite, Hedgren, Jansport and this other popular brand whose name escapes me at the moment. Couldn’t make up my mind on which one to get so I ended up buying nothing.

I guess a trip to another mall and check out their offerings. Until next time.

Maybe you can recommend the best bag – preferred are backpacks or sling bags – that will accommodate the 12″ or 15″ powerbook with its power adapter, traveller coolpad, Apple BT mouse, iPod, firewire & ethernet cable and possibly even the iSight and cables.

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Gmail goes POP!

Posted by rom on November 18, 2004

I have been one of the lucky few who got a GMail invite early. (Thanks, Prem) I have been using it for quite awhile and I must admit that it is one nifty free 1GB web-based email account that easily rivals Yahoo! Mail (no, Hotmail is not even close!) or Spymac.

NOW, GMail is offering POP/SMTP access for free! This is much better than Yahoo! Mail’s free service since it does not allow POP access anymore but is quite inferior to Spymac’s IMAP services. But then again, POP access via TLS/SSL is sufficient for most users.

Now if it only works on my Sony-Ericsson K700i email client…

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Posted by rom on November 18, 2004

I have been using Ebay for a few years already and in fact got lots of positive feedback (no negative feedback, mind you). However, when I returned to the Philippines, my account got inactive for a long time and then somehow, it is now nowhere to be found. Shesh!

Anyway, now that there is here in the Philippines, I am re-building my account once again.

I am hoping that eBay will also bring Paypal here in the country.

So what are you waiting for? Check out and go bid on items that I am selling. 🙂

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