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Posted by rom on January 31, 2006

No, it is not my birthday today. Was blog-surfing and I just found out that it is Richelle‘s birthday 30 days ago. Her blog led me to check what my birthday (which was Pope John Paul II’s birthday, too) means…

Your Birthdate: May 18
You are a cohesive force – able to bring many people together for a common cause.
You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
You also keep your powerful emotions in check – you know when to emote and when to repress.

Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years

Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities

Your power color: Crimson red

Your power symbol: Snowflake

Your power month: September


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Posted by rom on January 31, 2006

When podcasting started to invade mainstream media, I subscribed to a lot of ’em. When the video-playing iPod was introduced, video blogs or video podcast or vodcasts became my main subscription.

Today, I rarely listen to podcasts (heck, I have to revive my podcast!) but I view a couple of vodcasts using iTunes or the iPod but since producing video is more complex compared to doing an all audio-show, the frequency of updates is low.
Is the fad dead? 🙂 Not at all. I guess it is just that I do not have the time to listen to all those podcasts like before. Oh well.

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Introduction to Mac OS X seminar

Posted by rom on January 30, 2006

The first of a series of seminars on Apple’s products. More seminars and talks to be scheduled soon. Apologies for the quality of the photos – taken thru the glass doors.


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Best Blonde Joke found!

Posted by rom on January 30, 2006

Reading it made me laugh. Here is the best blonde joke available online!

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Unbouncing the addresses

Posted by rom on January 30, 2006

Don’t you just hate it when services that you expect to work don’t? That is how I feel everytime I check my Yahoogroups for my classes – first thing to check is how many addresses have their bouncing status set. It has been several days since I posted about it but no improvement still.

I wonder what it will take for action to be done… a formal complaint perhaps? Maybe I’d create a survey to see how many folks are affected by unreliable services? Maybe I am just impatient. I apologize but for stuff like these, I am very impatient. I want immediate results since I know that the service is critical. Oh well.

Maybe I complain a lot for a service that is a privilege than a right. I am not paying for it anyway but heck, for the salary I am getting it should a guaranteed privilege! Shesh!

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Heads-up: free episode of “Drawn Together”

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

On Monday, January 30th, a new episode of Comedy Central’s hit-animated reality series “Drawn Together� will be released on iTunes for free—three days in advance of the February 1st network debut, making it the first “iTunes Episode Premiere.�

Mark your calendar!

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Semicon, equip your stores!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

This afternoon, my wife, son and I went to the SM North branch of Semicon to have the charger of her Siemens mobile phone fixed. The charger won’t charge her mobile phone even if tested with my father’s mobile phone. My father’s mobile phone charger works on my wife’s mobile phone (ergo, my wife’s charger is busted). Anyway, we went there and was attended by a certain Sharon. After explaining the problem to her, she asked for the charger and the mobile phone to test it. (Semicon sells Siemens phones, they should have a unit for testing or demo). It took her an annoyingly long time to see if the phone is getting charged – we found out that they don’t have an adapter! Shesh!

After finally getting an adapter and testing the charger, Sharon said, “We need to test your mobile phone with our charger!”

What on earth was she thinking? The problem is with the charger and not our mobile phone. We already told her that the mobile phone charges using another unit’s charger!

After we got pissed, she told us that they will just forward it to the Siemens repair center in Ortigas! Shesh!  Anyway, we were asked to have our receipts photocopied and then she processed our request.

Oh well – two weeks to have it diagnosed… I wonder how long it will take to have it repaired!

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Mac users beware!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

It is being touted that Apple’s shift to the Intel platform will only cater for more exploits. Although there is no denying the fact that no OS is 100% secure, the vulnerability of most modern Unix-based or Unix-like operating systems are far more secure than any of the Windows operating systems to date. I doubt, however, that it is more vulnerable because of the change in architecture – the OS is still the same.

Curious – BSD and Linux runs on Intel platforms. How many exploits are out there (for BSD and Linux) compared to Microsoft’s current crop of OS? Going the BSD, Linux, Mac OS X route is still the safest!

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Asian piracy down to Western levels in 10 years

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

This is Bill Gates’ prediction in Davos. Interesting, isn’t it? If I may, I’ll boldly predict piracy will be reduced considerably in 5 years as Linux continues to increase market share in Asia (with the exception of the Philippines because political will is weak here, dollars speak louder specially if you are a politician!).

C’mon open source advocates, let’s make sure that we attain the same level that Gates is aiming for in less time and using a different solution, i.e. open source. 🙂

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Vista’s touted new features

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

Microsoft’s Jim Allchin touted Vista’s new features. In addition to the security enhancements, let’s examine the other features he mentioned.

  1. “People Near Me” feature. I doubt if this implements a standard called Rendezvous or zero-conf, which has been used by Mac OS X for a long time already.
  2. Parental controls. Ah, I think I saw this implemented on Mac OS X already.
  3. “Virtual Folders” aka Mac OS X “smart folders”.
  4. Protected Administrator. Darn, Mac OS X did this a long time ago. Linux, since its inception.
  5. System Restore. Aha! This one is what Linux and Mac OS X lacks!
  6. Drive encryption aka FileVault.
  7. Removable Device control. Linux can do this – just don’t give mount privileges to anyone. I am still thinking how this can be done on Mac OS X.

So there… what do you think?

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