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Temporarily moving out…

Posted by rom on February 9, 2006

I have decided to download WordPress and install it on a server somewhere. I have moved some of the blog entries but not the comments, yet. 🙂

Anyway, please visit the new site and don’t forget to click on the advert at least once. 😛


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How to put your US$50 to good use

Posted by rom on February 8, 2006

Microsoft’s US$50 per year OneCare subscription was announced yesterday. You subscribe to make your computers (up to 3) free from viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious applications. Now, consider the alternative…

  1. Ubuntu Linux – free and chances of getting viruses, worms, etc. – very low
  2. ClamAV – free. just for your peace of mind
  3. Firefox – free.
  4. Practising safe hex. free.

Use your US$50 per year and support an Open Source project. 🙂

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1GB Nano!

Posted by rom on February 8, 2006

Apple just released the latest addition to the iPod family, the 1GB Nano! This is a new experience for me — the rare occassion when Apple announces something that is not compelling enough for me to get one! 😀

“Apple cemented its dominance”, my friend, joel, has stated and I agree! 512MB and 1GB iPod Shuffle, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB iPod Nano and the video-playing iPods! Is there a single company providing that many flavors of audio and video playing devices? Can’t think of one at the moment.

Anyway, here’s looking forward to this month’s event. 🙂

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I want!

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

Most folks want their mobile phone function like their computers. However, just like the Sprint phone, I want the Crime Deterrent feature included in my next mobile phone. Check out the 2006 Superbowl commercials at the iTunes Music store so you’d know what I am talking about. 😀

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Grow up!

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

A twenty-something OSNews author writes about the UNIX security hype. His contention is that no matter how secure a *nix-based system, at the end of the day it is rendered insecure by still allowing a user’s home directory to be deleted in the event of a malicious code attack, i.e. a virus or malware of any other form, even if it preserves the system files. It goes on to compare *nix-based OS with Windows – that it is no different since the more important user files can be affected anyway.

First, nobody says that *nix-based system are 100% secure. Second, having *nix on the core of your OS does not automatically mean that you do not need to backup your data. Third, while the most important part of your computer system is your data, the system is also very critical in ensuring that your data is always available.

Hypothetically, let us say that the author gets his wish and Mac OS Z changes its notion of security and ensures that user data are always kept secure. Virus named OSNews gets launched and it affects Mac OS Z’s system rendering the system unusable.

Question now is – which is easier to do – restoring backed-up personal data or re-installing the entire system?

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Free eMagazine

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

Check out this new eMagazine called PodcastUserMagazine.

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If they can do it, I believe Filipinos can, too!

Posted by rom on February 5, 2006

News of the French police force moving to Firefox from Microsoft Internet Explorer after moving from Microsoft Office to is a big win for the open source community. Can it be done in the Philippines? Of course! It only takes one Cabinet secretary to publicly declare support for open source applications over proprietary applications and I am sure that the rest will follow. The question is “who is brave enough to do it?

Government officials are being accused of favouring ICT solutions that will only guarantee that they get a chunk of the contract as well, i.e. commissions from the deal. You cannot blame people for thinking that way after decades of graft and corruption in the government. I am sure that there are honest government officials out there but are they brave enough? Now that is the question.

At least in UP, we have publicly declared support to Open Source. How about the rest? Cowards!

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Yonah-based notebooks arriving soon

Posted by rom on February 5, 2006

Although I have not heard of the new Intel iMacs being available locally nor have I heard of the MacBook Pro’s arrival, there are two other notebooks from Dell and MSI that will soon be in the local market.

The MSI notebook is a 12.1″ 1.9kg notebook with Dual-Layer DVD writer but the speed of the Core Duo processors is not specified. At 96K pesos, I reckon that this one will be running the 1.66 Ghz chip. At this price point, Apple will have to improve the 12/13″ MacBook Pro and bundle more to be able to compete against this critter.
The Dell, on the other hand, is a 17″ 8lb monster! With Dual-Layer DVD writer and a 1.66 Ghz chip at 143K pesos, I admit that it is a good buy if only it were as pretty as the powerbooks and runs Mac OS X. With an estimated delivery date of 8 days, I believe that this might be the first Dual Core notebook to be made available locally. However, that remains to be seen.

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Heads-up: GimpShop 2.2.10

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

Check it out!

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The IT Crowd

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

The UK Channel 4’s The IT Show just released its first 2 episodes. There are some parts that are funny but if you are not familiar with British humour, you may find it a bit of a bore.

One thing that most Filipinos have in common with some of the Brits is the fact that they do not have much confidence on anything built in Britain. I thought that it was just the Filipinos who feel this way but I experienced it first hand when we were buying some small appliance from one of UK’s largest warehouse store, Argos. One of the salespersons told us that appliances made in Britain bog down easily compared to those made in continental Europe. Weird, huh? What is even weirder is that The IT Show’s second episode stressed it more. 🙂

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