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Grow up!

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

A twenty-something OSNews author writes about the UNIX security hype. His contention is that no matter how secure a *nix-based system, at the end of the day it is rendered insecure by still allowing a user’s home directory to be deleted in the event of a malicious code attack, i.e. a virus or malware of any other form, even if it preserves the system files. It goes on to compare *nix-based OS with Windows – that it is no different since the more important user files can be affected anyway.

First, nobody says that *nix-based system are 100% secure. Second, having *nix on the core of your OS does not automatically mean that you do not need to backup your data. Third, while the most important part of your computer system is your data, the system is also very critical in ensuring that your data is always available.

Hypothetically, let us say that the author gets his wish and Mac OS Z changes its notion of security and ensures that user data are always kept secure. Virus named OSNews gets launched and it affects Mac OS Z’s system rendering the system unusable.

Question now is – which is easier to do – restoring backed-up personal data or re-installing the entire system?


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Yonah-based notebooks arriving soon

Posted by rom on February 5, 2006

Although I have not heard of the new Intel iMacs being available locally nor have I heard of the MacBook Pro’s arrival, there are two other notebooks from Dell and MSI that will soon be in the local market.

The MSI notebook is a 12.1″ 1.9kg notebook with Dual-Layer DVD writer but the speed of the Core Duo processors is not specified. At 96K pesos, I reckon that this one will be running the 1.66 Ghz chip. At this price point, Apple will have to improve the 12/13″ MacBook Pro and bundle more to be able to compete against this critter.
The Dell, on the other hand, is a 17″ 8lb monster! With Dual-Layer DVD writer and a 1.66 Ghz chip at 143K pesos, I admit that it is a good buy if only it were as pretty as the powerbooks and runs Mac OS X. With an estimated delivery date of 8 days, I believe that this might be the first Dual Core notebook to be made available locally. However, that remains to be seen.

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Heads-up: GimpShop 2.2.10

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

Check it out!

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Joining the Dark Side You Are Not

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

ExtremeTech‘s Jason Cross writes about his switch from Microsoft-based music players to Apple’s iPod. No, you are not joining the Dark Side, Jason, but you have seen the light! How can it be the Dark Side when Apple supports free and open source software? When Apple uses a similar core to Linux?

Apple=Darwin=Open Source=freedom. Freedom is good. Good is not Dark! 😛

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Waiting on the sidelines

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

Right now, I am in good company waiting for the next generation MacBook Pro notebooks from Apple. I am no professional photographer but the fact of the matter is, until pro apps from Apple gets released, I believe Apple is still fine tuning the rest of the applications (specially Rosetta) for the new processors.

Once the MacBook Pro is released locally this month, it will be the first Dual Core product in the market. I am sure that there are some kinks to iron out considering that it is also Intel’s first public release. Nobody has ever used a Dual Core product yet.

Whilst it is true that the speed increase is humongous, the question is “is it stable and without critical bugs?” Judging from the literature available on the ‘net so far, I believe that it is and some bugs can be solved thru software but then again, let us wait and see.

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Travelling light

Posted by rom on February 3, 2006

In a few weeks, I will be travelling down south for the JEDI Night party. Since I will only be spending one night there, I have decided not to bring my notebook and simply bring my iPod (for entertainment) and my digital camera.

Without my notebook, I may need to access the ‘net for email and news. I already have Cross-platform Portable Firefox on the iPod shuffle along with Portable 2.0.1. For some strange reason, however, I can’t copy Portable Adium – it spits out an error message. Apart from, all the other portable apps run on the Mac. Anything else I missed?

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Posted by rom on January 31, 2006

When podcasting started to invade mainstream media, I subscribed to a lot of ’em. When the video-playing iPod was introduced, video blogs or video podcast or vodcasts became my main subscription.

Today, I rarely listen to podcasts (heck, I have to revive my podcast!) but I view a couple of vodcasts using iTunes or the iPod but since producing video is more complex compared to doing an all audio-show, the frequency of updates is low.
Is the fad dead? 🙂 Not at all. I guess it is just that I do not have the time to listen to all those podcasts like before. Oh well.

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Introduction to Mac OS X seminar

Posted by rom on January 30, 2006

The first of a series of seminars on Apple’s products. More seminars and talks to be scheduled soon. Apologies for the quality of the photos – taken thru the glass doors.


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Mac users beware!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

It is being touted that Apple’s shift to the Intel platform will only cater for more exploits. Although there is no denying the fact that no OS is 100% secure, the vulnerability of most modern Unix-based or Unix-like operating systems are far more secure than any of the Windows operating systems to date. I doubt, however, that it is more vulnerable because of the change in architecture – the OS is still the same.

Curious – BSD and Linux runs on Intel platforms. How many exploits are out there (for BSD and Linux) compared to Microsoft’s current crop of OS? Going the BSD, Linux, Mac OS X route is still the safest!

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Vista’s touted new features

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

Microsoft’s Jim Allchin touted Vista’s new features. In addition to the security enhancements, let’s examine the other features he mentioned.

  1. “People Near Me” feature. I doubt if this implements a standard called Rendezvous or zero-conf, which has been used by Mac OS X for a long time already.
  2. Parental controls. Ah, I think I saw this implemented on Mac OS X already.
  3. “Virtual Folders” aka Mac OS X “smart folders”.
  4. Protected Administrator. Darn, Mac OS X did this a long time ago. Linux, since its inception.
  5. System Restore. Aha! This one is what Linux and Mac OS X lacks!
  6. Drive encryption aka FileVault.
  7. Removable Device control. Linux can do this – just don’t give mount privileges to anyone. I am still thinking how this can be done on Mac OS X.

So there… what do you think?

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