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When will we learn?

Posted by rom on June 29, 2005

Another government shifts to Open Standards and Open Source.

My dream is to really see the Philippines supporting Open Standards and finally dumping proprietary file formats that lock-in the government to certain vendors. It only takes political will to do this and I am hoping that our CICT commissioners will see the importance of support Open Standards. I am not saying that the government go Open Source but that will even be better, of course.

Anyway, this is a challenge to our CICT commissioners to commission a full blown study of the impact of using Open Standards and Open Source for the entire bureaucracy. I am sure that the advantages to the government will outweigh the disadvantages.


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With GELC Leader, Daniel Brookshier

Posted by rom on June 29, 2005

Finally met with Java.Net Global Education and Learning Community leader, Daniel Brookshier. We have been coordinating with him on the JEDI project Java.Net pages.

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With Nichole Scott

Posted by rom on June 29, 2005

With Nichole Scott
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Met with Nichole from Sun – member of Matt Thompson’s team – to discuss a new Sun project. The project, although not yet official, will involve a lot of people from all over the world. Yes, JP and I are part of it. Cool, huh?

Right now, the project only has 20 members – with 14 attending this year’s JavaOne. JP and I met with the other 5 this afternoon to discuss the project.

It really is an interesting project and watch out for its announcement in two weeks!

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JavaOne starts

Posted by rom on June 27, 2005

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Tomorrow, JavaOne starts celebrating Java’s 10th birthday!

Anyway, I am sure that a lot of Java developers will be flocking to Moscone to get as much new knowledge on Java as possible.

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June 25 or June 26?

Posted by rom on June 26, 2005

Well, am a bit sleepy now but I could not sleep. Weird, eh? I claimed that I don’t usually get jet lag but I guess I have it now! Slept the entire flight and it is now 10PM, Sunday in Manila and Sunday is just starting here – 7AM. Argh and double argh! I need another 24 hours to be able to get my body clock synced with the environment.

Anyway, the flight went ok but the wait at the NAIA airport was something else. Imagine, PAL having the last security check, cordoned off a section of the boarding area but did not provide enough seats for a full flight! In addition, there was barely any air conditioning. Thanks to the weather, power was supplied by a generator that could not even provide enough juice to power all the lights! SHESH!!!! Thanks, PAL for the delay. I hope that the flight home is better.

Will post a longer entry later, when I get enough energy or should I say, if I still have enough energy left after going to the Apple Mothership (Apple Store).

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I want! I want! I want!

Posted by rom on June 22, 2005

Logitech’s new bluetooth headset is a great accessory for the iPod. This is something that I have been waiting for. I just hope that it also works with the powerbooks. 🙂

Yes, I WANT!

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Personal: Father’s Day!

Posted by rom on June 19, 2005

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A few minutes ago, my eldest daughter gave me an envelope – a Starbucks envelope with a note greeting me a ‘happy father’s day!’.

The envelope contains a whole lot of these gift certificates! Yeah, they know that I am a Starbucks addict – always getting the caramel macchiato (hot), double espresso frap & rhumba – and that made them addicts as well since I always bring home donuts and eclairs for them. 🙂

No cards today but gift certificates and whole bunch of them!

Thanks, kids!

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Posted by rom on June 18, 2005

Surfed the iTunes Music Store and guess what I found? Yes, a Side A album – in all its OPM glory! Coolness!

Try to do your own search for OPMs and post the iTMS URLs here.

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Personal: Fathers’ Day

Posted by rom on June 17, 2005

This is one day of the year when you get to show your appreciation and love for your dad. In our family, we usually just greet our Papa and treat the family to dinner. Being the eldest, I usually end up organizing it (and shouldering the bill) but I do not mind – anything for my Papa (and Mama, of course!).

Being a dad myself – this is one of those days when I just sit back and wonder what my kids are cooking up for me. They never fail to amaze me – a simple card from my Zoe and Eco, Oz’s hugs and Zia’s smile are more than enough but they always come up with something new. Yes, I am excited, of course. hahaha

To my Papa and my grandfathers – Happy Fathers’ Day to you – we love you.

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Experimenting with Technology

Posted by rom on June 16, 2005

With this year’s class, I am contemplating on whether to use cutting edge technology in delivering reports and lectures or simply reverting back to the tried and tested way of using slides. I am thinking of having students submit reports as a podcast so that I can listen to them while on the road and then provide feedback via audio clips as well.

What do you think?

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