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How smart is Smart?

Posted by rom on July 30, 2004

Well, I couldn’t resist. I just had to call up Smart’s Customer Care number again this morning and ask about the status of my application for a new subscription. Was put on hold for around 3 minutes and was told that there’s no feedback still. However, something is new – I was told that if nothing happens by Monday, I can call again and use this reference number, 34991538, to ask for the status. Now I am a mere number to them. Oh well.

Speaking of phone calls, I just tried‘s free 5-1 minute calls to the US. The service is a tad slow when calling PSTNs but when I tried calling Apple’s 1-800 number, the audio quality was amazing! BTW, I used Xten Lite for the Mac to make the call. Have been trying to call my cousin in Chicago and my brother-in-law in New Jersey but nobody was answering the phone. Maybe they’re just busy or something. I cannot wait to actually get a broadband SIP phone to make overseas call for free! Now that’d be cool!


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Posted by rom on July 29, 2004

Yes, I am pissed! I have applied for a new Smart line last July 10 and have just heard from them ONCE. I, along with a hundred more applicants, am still waiting for the second call to inform me if my application’s approved or not! Shesh! Time wasted! Heck, if I will not get it next week, I might just get a Globe line instead!

As I’ve said, am waiting another more week and see how it turns out.

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Move over Sony Ericsson!

Posted by rom on July 27, 2004

Ever since I changed my mobile phone from my trusty Siemens S55 to the Sony Ericsson T630, I have been one happy bloke! Imagine being able to use the phone with Romeo and control iTunes and VLC – all via Bluetooth!

BUT here comes Motorola with news that it will come up with mobile phones using Apple’s iTunes engine! COOLNESS! And it will sync with iTunes over bluetooth (hopefully), too. Now this is something that may replace my Sony Ericsson soon. Come to think of it, my very first cell phone was made by Motorola!

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WiFi in QC

Posted by rom on July 26, 2004

Figaro, the local version of the popular Starbucks coffee house, recently opened a new branch in the Commonwealth area. The place is really nice – quiet and very well suited for serious work (yeah right!). Coffee is rather on the expensive side but it is not different from the Starbucks prices, though. Have not tried their pasta or pastries but maybe one day when I can bring myself to frequent the place.

It only takes a fast WiFi connection to make me a regular visitor of Figaro! Yes, I do have wifi at home but nothing beats free airconditioning and being served by someone!

I wish that the Figaro management will setup a WiFi hotspot there soon.

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Blogging again.

Posted by rom on July 26, 2004

Here I am again, blogging. It has been a while since I last updated a blog (found on another site) and I figured that maybe it is time to start again. New blog, new site.

Let’s see how long I can sustain this blog. Want to place a bet?

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