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1GB Nano!

Posted by rom on February 8, 2006

Apple just released the latest addition to the iPod family, the 1GB Nano! This is a new experience for me — the rare occassion when Apple announces something that is not compelling enough for me to get one! 😀

“Apple cemented its dominance”, my friend, joel, has stated and I agree! 512MB and 1GB iPod Shuffle, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB iPod Nano and the video-playing iPods! Is there a single company providing that many flavors of audio and video playing devices? Can’t think of one at the moment.

Anyway, here’s looking forward to this month’s event. 🙂


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I want!

Posted by rom on February 7, 2006

Most folks want their mobile phone function like their computers. However, just like the Sprint phone, I want the Crime Deterrent feature included in my next mobile phone. Check out the 2006 Superbowl commercials at the iTunes Music store so you’d know what I am talking about. 😀

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Yonah-based notebooks arriving soon

Posted by rom on February 5, 2006

Although I have not heard of the new Intel iMacs being available locally nor have I heard of the MacBook Pro’s arrival, there are two other notebooks from Dell and MSI that will soon be in the local market.

The MSI notebook is a 12.1″ 1.9kg notebook with Dual-Layer DVD writer but the speed of the Core Duo processors is not specified. At 96K pesos, I reckon that this one will be running the 1.66 Ghz chip. At this price point, Apple will have to improve the 12/13″ MacBook Pro and bundle more to be able to compete against this critter.
The Dell, on the other hand, is a 17″ 8lb monster! With Dual-Layer DVD writer and a 1.66 Ghz chip at 143K pesos, I admit that it is a good buy if only it were as pretty as the powerbooks and runs Mac OS X. With an estimated delivery date of 8 days, I believe that this might be the first Dual Core notebook to be made available locally. However, that remains to be seen.

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Semicon, equip your stores!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

This afternoon, my wife, son and I went to the SM North branch of Semicon to have the charger of her Siemens mobile phone fixed. The charger won’t charge her mobile phone even if tested with my father’s mobile phone. My father’s mobile phone charger works on my wife’s mobile phone (ergo, my wife’s charger is busted). Anyway, we went there and was attended by a certain Sharon. After explaining the problem to her, she asked for the charger and the mobile phone to test it. (Semicon sells Siemens phones, they should have a unit for testing or demo). It took her an annoyingly long time to see if the phone is getting charged – we found out that they don’t have an adapter! Shesh!

After finally getting an adapter and testing the charger, Sharon said, “We need to test your mobile phone with our charger!”

What on earth was she thinking? The problem is with the charger and not our mobile phone. We already told her that the mobile phone charges using another unit’s charger!

After we got pissed, she told us that they will just forward it to the Siemens repair center in Ortigas! Shesh!  Anyway, we were asked to have our receipts photocopied and then she processed our request.

Oh well – two weeks to have it diagnosed… I wonder how long it will take to have it repaired!

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View of things to come…

Posted by rom on January 18, 2006

As soon as I transfer to the DILC (and as soon as someone from another office transfers to DILC), this scenario may become a familiar sight in UP. With the problem of hiring and retaining the best professors in the University, having their best lectures available online is the next best thing to do – next to cloning them, of course.

Personally, I’d rather listen to a podcast or watch a video-cast from a good professor than waste 3 hours of lectures every week from some boring professor! The thing is, most professors think that the traditional way of teaching by lecturing alone is still effective, unfortunately, it is no longer the case. Make your classes more interactive, make your students participate rather than just “listening” while tinkering with their mobile phones sending notes to their peers.

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About time! iPhoto reads Canon EOS Digital 350D RAW files

Posted by rom on January 12, 2006

After struggling to make iPhoto properly render my Canon EOS Digital 350D RAW files, the new Mac OS X 10.4.4 update fixes it. iPhoto 5.0.4 now properly imports it. At least iLife ’06 will support it properly! *whew*

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Heads-up: Apple iPod Updater

Posted by rom on January 11, 2006

What is new in iPod Updater 2006-01-10:

  1. Support for the new iPod Radio Remote for iPod with video and iPod nano
  2. Bug fixes for iPod with video, iPod nano, iPod with color display, iPod mini and iPod with Click wheel

Download it now!

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Posted by rom on September 6, 2004

Well, I just created a mobile blog or moblog at G-blogs. This is still going to be my main site since I almost always online to the ‘Net anyway.

Why G-blogs? First of all, it is free. Free 20MB space that can hold text and photos. Uploading via your mobile phone, however, is not free. MMS (photo and text) costs PhP5 with a maximum photo size of 100KB. Normally, my phone takes photos at 50-70KB sizes and at PhP0.15/KB, photos easily translate to PhP7.50 to PhP10.50 a pop. So it is obviously cheaper in the long run. I prefer Flickr but it will cost me a lot of money to upload photos on-the-fly. That being said, we will see how it goes.

The moblog is empty at the moment but maybe in the near future it will be as active as this. Check out MoGeek, short for Mobile Geek.

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Surgery Update

Posted by rom on August 31, 2004

Impette survived the first biopsy. The diagnosis, she needs a hinge donor. Yes, Apple Singapore will be flying in the hinge assembly or something. Unfortunately, it takes a week for it to get here. Fortunately, I can still use Impette. [heck, using it now to type this entry]

Impette is now paired with my SE K700i and running the PhoneAgent application. This is a really nifty application that allows you to manage your mobile phone. Send/receive SMS, create/edit MMS, manage your addressbook even create/edit themes for the phone. It is well worth your US$30! 🙂

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The Resurrection

Posted by rom on August 28, 2004

It’s alive! It’s alive! My mouse is back on its feet. Yes, I figured that I might as well dissect it and see if I can repair it. Wonder of wonders! It was just a broken connection that needed a simple soldering. Coolness! $75 saved! Whew! As Wallace and Gromit would say “’twas a close shave!”. 😀

The problem now is – it is so darn dirty! How on earth do I clean this thing? Tried the staedler solution (eraser) and it did not work. I might just visit the hardware store and see what I can pick up to clean it.

Impette, my powerbook, requires some adjustment. The hinge connecting the LCD to the body is squeaking. It is a minor cosmetic thing but requires expert tinkering. I will be bringing it to the technicians this Monday. Hope they can fix it asap. Can’t afford to be without my Impette for a few hours. Ha!

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