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How smart is Smart?

Posted by rom on July 30, 2004

Well, I couldn’t resist. I just had to call up Smart’s Customer Care number again this morning and ask about the status of my application for a new subscription. Was put on hold for around 3 minutes and was told that there’s no feedback still. However, something is new – I was told that if nothing happens by Monday, I can call again and use this reference number, 34991538, to ask for the status. Now I am a mere number to them. Oh well.

Speaking of phone calls, I just tried‘s free 5-1 minute calls to the US. The service is a tad slow when calling PSTNs but when I tried calling Apple’s 1-800 number, the audio quality was amazing! BTW, I used Xten Lite for the Mac to make the call. Have been trying to call my cousin in Chicago and my brother-in-law in New Jersey but nobody was answering the phone. Maybe they’re just busy or something. I cannot wait to actually get a broadband SIP phone to make overseas call for free! Now that’d be cool!


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