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View of things to come…

Posted by rom on January 18, 2006

As soon as I transfer to the DILC (and as soon as someone from another office transfers to DILC), this scenario may become a familiar sight in UP. With the problem of hiring and retaining the best professors in the University, having their best lectures available online is the next best thing to do – next to cloning them, of course.

Personally, I’d rather listen to a podcast or watch a video-cast from a good professor than waste 3 hours of lectures every week from some boring professor! The thing is, most professors think that the traditional way of teaching by lecturing alone is still effective, unfortunately, it is no longer the case. Make your classes more interactive, make your students participate rather than just “listening” while tinkering with their mobile phones sending notes to their peers.


One Response to “View of things to come…”

  1. Well, Podcasts have become kinda boring nowdays. Good Post man, shows Teachers are getting Tech-savvy too. Fire can be extinguished only by fire, is a nice saying!

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