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Yonah-based notebooks arriving soon

Posted by rom on February 5, 2006

Although I have not heard of the new Intel iMacs being available locally nor have I heard of the MacBook Pro’s arrival, there are two other notebooks from Dell and MSI that will soon be in the local market.

The MSI notebook is a 12.1″ 1.9kg notebook with Dual-Layer DVD writer but the speed of the Core Duo processors is not specified. At 96K pesos, I reckon that this one will be running the 1.66 Ghz chip. At this price point, Apple will have to improve the 12/13″ MacBook Pro and bundle more to be able to compete against this critter.
The Dell, on the other hand, is a 17″ 8lb monster! With Dual-Layer DVD writer and a 1.66 Ghz chip at 143K pesos, I admit that it is a good buy if only it were as pretty as the powerbooks and runs Mac OS X. With an estimated delivery date of 8 days, I believe that this might be the first Dual Core notebook to be made available locally. However, that remains to be seen.


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