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If they can do it, I believe Filipinos can, too!

Posted by rom on February 5, 2006

News of the French police force moving to Firefox from Microsoft Internet Explorer after moving from Microsoft Office to is a big win for the open source community. Can it be done in the Philippines? Of course! It only takes one Cabinet secretary to publicly declare support for open source applications over proprietary applications and I am sure that the rest will follow. The question is “who is brave enough to do it?

Government officials are being accused of favouring ICT solutions that will only guarantee that they get a chunk of the contract as well, i.e. commissions from the deal. You cannot blame people for thinking that way after decades of graft and corruption in the government. I am sure that there are honest government officials out there but are they brave enough? Now that is the question.

At least in UP, we have publicly declared support to Open Source. How about the rest? Cowards!


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