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Waiting on the sidelines

Posted by rom on February 4, 2006

Right now, I am in good company waiting for the next generation MacBook Pro notebooks from Apple. I am no professional photographer but the fact of the matter is, until pro apps from Apple gets released, I believe Apple is still fine tuning the rest of the applications (specially Rosetta) for the new processors.

Once the MacBook Pro is released locally this month, it will be the first Dual Core product in the market. I am sure that there are some kinks to iron out considering that it is also Intel’s first public release. Nobody has ever used a Dual Core product yet.

Whilst it is true that the speed increase is humongous, the question is “is it stable and without critical bugs?” Judging from the literature available on the ‘net so far, I believe that it is and some bugs can be solved thru software but then again, let us wait and see.


4 Responses to “Waiting on the sidelines”

  1. alan said

    Meron na dito!

  2. alan said

    I mean meron nang dual core products… hehe..

  3. rommel said

    There is also an MSI Yonah notebook at

    Anyway, that Dell weighs a whooping 8 pounds!

  4. rommel said

    And oh, it says 8 days. Let us see if the MacBook Pro arrives on Monday. 😀

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