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Is there still hope?

Posted by rom on February 3, 2006

Over at the PLUG mailing list, one of the topics being discussed is the talk of Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth, to the government CIOs yesterday. Mark Shuttleworth’s pitch to the government to support Open Source may have fallen to deaf ears as far as the majority of those in the PLUG mailing lists are concerned. These come from the fact that some of them have tried to help government agencies streamline their IT operations and budget by providing Open Source solutions only to be shot down by some government bureacrats incorrectly citing some bogus technical merits of some proprietary solutions!

Is there still hope? I still believe that there is. However, I do admit that it is not a pretty picture as well since I do know that there are people “in power” who are just plain and simple dumb-asses when it comes to procurement.

My take on this, let’s all try to counter these bad asses with good deeds and hopefully, somehow, somewhere, those good deeds will have its effect felt all the way up to Malacanang!


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