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Vista’s touted new features

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

Microsoft’s Jim Allchin touted Vista’s new features. In addition to the security enhancements, let’s examine the other features he mentioned.

  1. “People Near Me” feature. I doubt if this implements a standard called Rendezvous or zero-conf, which has been used by Mac OS X for a long time already.
  2. Parental controls. Ah, I think I saw this implemented on Mac OS X already.
  3. “Virtual Folders” aka Mac OS X “smart folders”.
  4. Protected Administrator. Darn, Mac OS X did this a long time ago. Linux, since its inception.
  5. System Restore. Aha! This one is what Linux and Mac OS X lacks!
  6. Drive encryption aka FileVault.
  7. Removable Device control. Linux can do this – just don’t give mount privileges to anyone. I am still thinking how this can be done on Mac OS X.

So there… what do you think?


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