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Semicon, equip your stores!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

This afternoon, my wife, son and I went to the SM North branch of Semicon to have the charger of her Siemens mobile phone fixed. The charger won’t charge her mobile phone even if tested with my father’s mobile phone. My father’s mobile phone charger works on my wife’s mobile phone (ergo, my wife’s charger is busted). Anyway, we went there and was attended by a certain Sharon. After explaining the problem to her, she asked for the charger and the mobile phone to test it. (Semicon sells Siemens phones, they should have a unit for testing or demo). It took her an annoyingly long time to see if the phone is getting charged – we found out that they don’t have an adapter! Shesh!

After finally getting an adapter and testing the charger, Sharon said, “We need to test your mobile phone with our charger!”

What on earth was she thinking? The problem is with the charger and not our mobile phone. We already told her that the mobile phone charges using another unit’s charger!

After we got pissed, she told us that they will just forward it to the Siemens repair center in Ortigas! Shesh!  Anyway, we were asked to have our receipts photocopied and then she processed our request.

Oh well – two weeks to have it diagnosed… I wonder how long it will take to have it repaired!


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