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Ditch Windows XP and get Vista for security!

Posted by rom on January 28, 2006

Apparently, this is what Microsoft’s Jim Allchin implied. What does it really mean? It means that Microsoft’s current operating systems suck as far as security is concerned. Yes, I know that you know that. However, what does it really mean?

For businesses, it means that for you to get Microsoft’s security-enhanced Vista product, you need to buy new licenses as well as new hardware that will be able to run it. This is a good thing for Linux – since Linux practically runs on all existing hardware. This makes more sense for servers, which do not require high-end graphics cards nor the resource hungry UI.

So, my recommendation is for CIOs and CTOs to start plotting that migration plan. I know someone from a huge local school network is currently pitching Linux to his bosses – it will definitely save them a lot of money – enough for them to purchase more hardware. Good luck! If you need help, you know where to contact me.


2 Responses to “Ditch Windows XP and get Vista for security!”

  1. Hmm…Nice one. However, Windows XP Pro without doubt is one of the best OS’s around.. Microsoft is degrading their own product. As far as Vista is concerned, lets’s wait and watch!

  2. rommel said

    No comment on XP Pro but anything prior to their new software development methodology is crap. 🙂 Unfortunately, that means everything before Vista.

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