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Heads-up: Sun Java Studio Creator 2

Posted by rom on January 26, 2006

Get the free (yes, it is free!) Sun Java Studio Creator version 2.0. All it takes is for you to register (did I say that it is free?) at the Sun Developer Network.

Java Studio Creator 2 is built on NetBeans 4.1, and includes features like a new set of JavaServer Faces components, support for building JSR-168 portlets, easy access to databases, a streamlined application model, and more. For detailed information see the Features In Detail pages. Here are the highlights:


Complete development environment


  • Built on a solid IDE platform and foundation – NetBeans 4.1.
  • Includes a JDK, Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 Platform Edition and a sample database – no configuration required.


Industry-leading support for JavaServer Faces components


  • Comprehensive library of JavaServer Faces components includes Table, Calendar, Tree, Tab Set, File Upload, and many more.
  • Enables AJAX development by making it easy to use AJAX-enabled JavaServer Faces components.


Visual tools to save you time and make web applications more predictable and reliable


  • Drag-and-drop configuration of JavaServer Faces components.
  • Query Editor, Page Navigator, Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) Editor, and visual access to Web Services and Enterprise JavaBeans.


Portlet development


  • Developing Java Specification Request 168 (JSR 168) compliant portlets is just as visual and easy as developing web applications.


Support for standards


  • Applications developed with Java Studio Creator 2 can deploy to standard J2EE containers including Java System Application Server, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, and others.

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