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Heads-up: Adium X 0.88

Posted by rom on January 25, 2006

What changed –

* Adium is now a Universal binary
* Improved autoconnection when waking from sleep [#1420]
* Fixed MSN buddy icon retrieval and updating [#31]
* Upgraded to Growl 0.7.4
* Enabled interserver communication for Google Talk
* Fixed restoration of the contact list position when it is adjacent to a Dock on the right or left screen edges [#156]
* Fixed issues with PortableAdium
* Fixed a crash when playing demonstration speech text
* Fixed issues with transparency in the contact list for group bubbles and contact bubbles [#96]
* Fixed a crash when messaging Bonjour contacts who are actually offline
* Fixed issues with an incorrect maximum length for Yahoo! Japan account names
* Fixed a warning shown when connecting with certain .Mac screennames
* Fixed a crash with certain message styles and Show Header enabled [#2473]
* Fixed a Gadu-Gadu crash [#2456]
* Fixed autoconnect after sleep for newly added accounts and after holding Shift during Adium’s startup
* Improved the textual equivalents for the Halo emoticon in the default emoticon pack [#2786]
* Improved the Uptime script [#2734]
* Fixed away and idle indicators in the Dock icon which were broken for most non-English localizations [#2571]
* Fixed localized display of date information in the message window [#2537]
* Fixed localization issues with the Away Status Window [#2676]
* Russian translation updates
* Added Australian English translation

Get it now!

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