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Non-standard RSS

Posted by rom on January 21, 2006

I have noticed that the photocasts that Apple is hosting are not supported by a number of RSS readers. The thing is, it was launched with the claim that it works on any RSS reader and that iPhoto 6 is not required. Unfortunately, going to a sample photocast like my apple and public photocasts, results in an error message unless you are using NetNewsWire and I believe Blog Navigator on Windows. Nothing on Linux yet.

So, did Apple modify the RSS standard to suit themselves or did they just took advantage of a feature that is not widely implemented. The thing is, NetNewsWire and Blog Navigator supports it so somewhere, somehow the standard must have included support for photos. Hmmm…


One Response to “Non-standard RSS”

  1. Hmm…My reader doesn’t have that much problems but then I really don’t dig photocasts at all.

    It’s really idiotic on apple’s part, who knows a simple error like this might prove decisive!

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