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More on MacBook Pro and Intel-based iMac

Posted by rom on January 15, 2006

A lot of bloggers do not like the name “MacBook Pro” but what can we do – it is there already. I hope that Jobs renames it when he announces the 13″ and 17″ portables.

Although I have indicated here that I have decided that I will not get a MacBook Pro, I have, however, specified it for one of my development teams. It will be a good way to test the prototype and see how it performs. I am sure that the speed will be evident but the Intel-native apps may not be that stable yet. This is the reason why I am waiting until March or April when the pro apps have been migrated to Universal Binary and until the next-gen Mac OS X is made available.

Note to self – do not visit Apple site. It really is tempting to be in the bleeding edge but the specs are not even close to bleeding edge – very much unlike Apple. Oh well.

Must resist.


One Response to “More on MacBook Pro and Intel-based iMac”

  1. I hate that name too. iBook would have been cooler. But still Macbook is better than “Power”.

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