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Open-Source Google Earth

Posted by rom on January 12, 2006

I have tried to install Google Earth on my powerbook but for some reason, it crashes everytime (yes, I am not alone! hehe). It may be due to some applications that I have running in the background but I just could not be bothered.

I found WW2D, however. A cross-platform, open-source and free equivalent of Google Earth. It may not have the full details of Google Earth but it sure is open and free! 😀 Recognize this?

Picture 1.png
Isn’t it cool? 😀


Now, compare it to this

Picture 2.png

Yes, I was able to make Google Earth work now. The culprit is my powerbook HD partitions are set to Case-sensitive, Journaled FS and Google Earth just do not like that.


One Response to “Open-Source Google Earth”

  1. Why the heck does Google Earth Have a problem with that? And WW2d is not really good, Google Earth Pwns j00!

    ~ CC

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