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Triple Booting the new Intel Macs

Posted by rom on January 11, 2006

I am sure that a whole lot of people are excited to finally see an Intel-based Mac computer. To most, they are hoping that it will dual-boot Windows/Mac OS X or Mac OS X/Linux or even Windows/Linux. Heck, even triple or X-ple boot is a nifty plan.

However, the new Intel Macs use Intel’s Extensible Firmware Interface instead of the more common BIOS. Microsoft’s Vista supports EFI but no other OS supports it yet except for Mac OS X. So, until Vista is released – the Windows/Mac OS X dual boot scenario may not be possible. I am not sure if Linux supports EFI, too.

Until I get my new iMac, I will not be able to test Ubuntu Linux on it. 😀


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