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Getting ready to transfer…

Posted by rom on January 7, 2006

In a few days, Apple’s Steve Jobs will announce something exciting at MacWorld ’06 in San Francisco. In anticipation of a possible new portable computer, I am now backing-up my entire user directory. It is convenient to have a fast firewire connected external hard drive. šŸ™‚

I will have to list down all the software that I have bought online along with their registration/license/activation codes. Yes, I have done this a few weeks ago but I guess it is better to be prepared. Heck, one cannot have one back-up too many anyway.

Someone asked me if I’d risk getting the first generation Mac Intel portable and I’d say, heck yes! If it is an iBook, I will sell my wife’s 12″ powerbook and get her a faster iBook! šŸ˜› If it is a powerbook, I’d sell both our powerbooks! However, if it is just a Mac Mini, it is good as well since I have meaning to get one for the kids since late last year. It is a good thing that Apple continued the discount for my university (we’re not covered by Apple’s Edu discount – being outside North America) until the end of the month.

Just a few more days to wait for the announcement…

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