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What will kill Yahoo! Widgets

Posted by rom on January 2, 2006

With Yahoo! buying Konfabulator and releasing version 3.0 as Widget Engine, Mac OS X Dashboard-like small applications can now be used on Windows, too. However, this news from KDE Developers will allow Linux to have full Mac OS X Dashboard functionality. Ain’t it cool? Imagine being able to download Linux widgets off of the Apple site and vice-versa.

Although Konfabulator was the one that introduced the concept, Apple integrated it to its OS and now Linux will have full support as well. Shame on you, Yahoo! for alienating Linux. Now Linux users will not support your widgets! 😛

One Response to “What will kill Yahoo! Widgets”

  1. Well, a tactless move on Yahoo’s Part, if you ask me. Well, this might prove to be decisive in the future, let’s wait and watch.

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