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Opera 8.51

Posted by rom on December 29, 2005

Well, I tried Camino for a week and loved it! The way it renders the sites that I visit regularly is simply superb. However, viewing QT movies over at Apple messes up the browser but not to the extent of how it messes up Firefox 1.5.

With Opera 8.51 – everything is rendered properly, even the QT movies. I am still trying to get used to it but I will give it a week and see how it goes. So far, I like its speed but it did not render the wordpress editor icons properly, though.

Opera, Camino and Firefox still wouldn’t work with BPI Express Online. Well, if people will pressure them to make it standards-compliant, then maybe they will listen. I think it is the fault of web app developers but the last say always comes from the top!


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