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False-sense of security

Posted by rom on December 29, 2005

Why is it that everytime you read something about Mac users falsely believing that their Macs are very secure you often find a product announcement behind it? It was Symantec before and today it is SecureMac.

I do not discount the fact that no computer system is completely secure. However, some systems are far more secure than others. Users of Unix-based computers often find their systems to be far more secure than the current lot of Microsoft products  (the next generation is being developed with security in mind!). It is not because of the popularity or the lack of it but because of the way the OS was designed. Secure-by-design is different from having security as an afterthought.

Anyway, no amount of security matters if the users themselves make their systems not secure. Users play a very big role in keeping systems secure. Users should be educated not to trust attachments to any unsolicited e-mail even if it comes from a trusted address. Users should know how to select strong passwords and never to give them to anyone. Users should also make sure that they access their computers using even the simplest username-password authentication scheme – at least it serves as a deterrent – no more auto-login. Again, user education is what is needed and not an application that claims to make your computer systems secure – look what happened to Symantec recently?

Anyway, Unix-based systems have existed way before Windows and it has a far better record than Windows. Just my take, no computer system is 100% secure. Most of the time, user ignorance is to blame when systems are compromised.

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