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Can your Windows OS-based laptop do this?

Posted by rom on December 28, 2005

Just bored right now – waiting for Toast to finish making my video clip iPod-ready. Figured that I’d check my system uptime as well as CPU load and here’s what I got

Picture 22.png

Even with a measly 1.5GB of RAM, video processing eats up most of my computer’s resources. I have Yahoo! Messenger,, Camino, NetNewsWire Pro and Podner running but I still have Toast as the top consumer. Oh well, at least I can still surf, read my mail and blog. 🙂 I wonder what happens if I fire up XCode and begin compiling some code. hehehe.

Anyway, an uptime of 5 days on a notebook may not be impressive as per the Mac or Linux standards but for Windows OS-based computers, that is feat! I have not seen a Windows machine go for that long without performance issues. 🙂 Personally, I do not keep my system up longer than 7 days – just to be on the safe side. However, servers are another matter – it can go on for weeks and weeks – even with software updates. Beat that!


2 Responses to “Can your Windows OS-based laptop do this?”

  1. VxJasonxV said

    I’ve been up for much much much longer than a week.
    I would have a good number for you, but I took the system down to take out the old DVD Burner, and put a 16x Dual Layer one in.

    P.S. The Operating System runs fine as long as you know what to do with it.
    Please don’t instigate the OS wars for no reason. (Especially with a measely 7 day record. People DO RUN Windows SERVERS you know.)

  2. rommel said

    Yahoo! 🙂 Now I know that someone other than my brother reads my blog! 🙂

    Seriously, this is great to hear. My experience is contrary to what you are stating here. Remember, though, that I am referring to a laptop and not a desktop.

    Desktops (and servers) can go on forever – again, I am waiting for evidence that Windows servers can run that long as well since my experience dictates otherwise.

    Thanks for the comment. And no, not up for an OS war – just want to get some info from personal experiences and not from funded studies.

    PS. 7 days is not a record. I just said that I prefer to keep it to 7 days only and then do a reboot but it can definitely go on longer. 🙂

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