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Now who would you trust?

Posted by rom on December 27, 2005

I admit that I do not have an anti-virus software installed on my powerbook nor on the wife’s powerbook. Why? Because I am pretty confident that it will be quite difficult to infect Mac OS X. My wife is using an account that has no admin privileges, so if she inadvertently runs a malicious application, she’d be restricted within her ‘system’. I, otoh, don’t run apps automatically and automatically dump any unsolicited attachments to any email, even from someone I know (yes, take note – don’t send me anything without telling me beforehand that you are attaching it to an email). And no, I am not worried since the other computer on the network is running Ubuntu Linux. 😛

Secunia released another advisory and this time it is a vulnerability for a whole suite of Symantec security and anti-virus products. This vulnerability causes more damage than it is worth. Silly, huh?

So, secure your Mac – don’t buy these products! *lol* 😀


One Response to “Now who would you trust?”

  1. […] Anyway, no amount of security matters if the users themselves make their systems not secure. Users play a very big role in keeping systems secure. Users should be educated not to trust attachments to any unsolicited e-mail even if it comes from a trusted address. Users should know how to select strong passwords and never to give them to anyone. Users should also make sure that they access their computers using even the simplest username-password authentication scheme – at least it serves as a deterrent – no more auto-login. Again, user education is what is needed and not an application that claims to make your computer systems secure – look what happened to Symantec recently? […]

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