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7 peso box

Posted by rom on December 26, 2005

This afternoon, my wife and I went to Mr. Choi over at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. It is a new branch so we were curious as to the kind of food they offer. Today is my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, ma!) so we decided to just order food for take out.

We ordered the crispy noodles with seafood and half a roast duck. Yum! Yum! When the bill came, they were charging us an extra PhP7 for the box for the roast duck. Hmmm… SuperBowl of China will not charge you extra for the box but guess what the waiter said?

“Ma’m (he was talking to my wife), imported po kasi yung box”, defended the waiter.

My wife contested it and the waiter just said “Ok, di bale na lang ho”.

As expected, we got the roast duck packaged in a styro box instead of their imported box. 😀

In fairness, their food is ok but you’d get better tasting food from SuperBowl of China.


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