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The unintended switchers!

Posted by rom on December 23, 2005

The Apple switch campaign targetted Microsoft Windows users. With the iPod halo-effect, more and more Windows users are switching to the Mac. However, an unintended group of switchers have emerged. Yes, perhaps like me (although I have not completely switched since I still use it), Linux users have switched to the Mac. I’d say that they have been enlightened. There will come a time when one’s business needs and geek inclinations need to be merged together and it is quite difficult doing that with Linux, specially on the mobility side. Mac OS X answers that need – combining a Unix-based engine like Linux, a sleek GUI and better hardware interoperability.

I am sure that a lot of my friends from PLUG will disagree but you have to step back and view it from a different perspective. Not all commercial software are bad. 🙂 That being said, however, I have full support to Open Source initiatives and in fact, I will always be a staunch advocate of Open Source. The beauty behind Mac OS X is – it supports Open Source applications as well… and better than that, Apple contributes to the Open Source community! [although not as much as IBM and Sun, of course]

So dear friends – why wait? Go get a Mac!


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