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Expensive earphone!

Posted by rom on December 19, 2005

I was never a fan of noise-cancelling earphones or headsets because I thought that it is rude not to be conscious of your surrounding. However, it is oftentimes difficult to understand what the podcaster is saying because of the noise around you – aircon, deaf drivers with their noise-producing car stereos, jeepneys with their AM radio and your office mate who frequently chatters on the phone. hehe… Anyway, the tendency is to turn up the volume on your iPod to drown the noise and be able to clearly understand the podcast. This is even more difficult when you are viewing video! 🙂

Anyway, several studies have suggested that one should listen to portable music players for only 30 minutes a day and at a very low volume level. Although it is quite difficult to limit your listening pleasure to only an hour or less, it is possible to adjust the volume. With background noise, you have no choice but to crank up the volume! They suggest using noise-cancelling earphones so that you no longer need to turn up the volume of your iPod to 80-90%.

For me to even have a chance to hear my future grandchildren, I invested on the next affordable noise-cancelling earphones. I searched the Apple Product Guide (and other iPod-related sites) and got the Shure E2c earphones. It is not cheap at PhP4,500 but it is cheaper than the published and online price. 🙂

Could not wait so I tried it out this afternoon whilst shopping and I couldn’t believe it. It surely masked all background noise and made it possible for me to turn down the iPod’s volume! I highly recommend that you get yourself a noise-cancelling earphone or headset if you have an iPod. No, it is not the problem with the iPod that renders you deaf in a couple of years but it is your earphone! Dump the Apple earphone now!

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