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In search of product keys and activation codes

Posted by rom on December 17, 2005

This morning I decided to upgrade my powerbook’s ATI graphics card driver. Everything went fine until I decided to rotate my screen 90 degrees. Yes, it messed up my display and couldn’t get it to revert back to its old settings! Darn it!

I connected the powerbook to the TV and mirrored the display so I can re-configure it. Common-sense dictates that you do the opposite — rotated the display 90 degrees in the opposite direction. Boom! The external display is now f**ked up as well! ARGH and double ARGH!

No amount of shutdown and reboot could save it so I did the last resort. Re-format and re-install!

It is ok since I have been meaning to do it since I had some problems with my setup. I re-partitioned it back to just 1 large disk instead of 2 (I was running out of space on the main drive) and also decided to manage the number of users as well. Problem is – I had to look for all the product keys and activation codes of my software.

It is a good thing that I keep PDF files of receipts of my online software purchases. Most of the software were bought online anyway — StickyBrainAudioHijack Pro, NetNewsWire, SpeedDownload, Toast 7, SpamSieve, Podner, Quicktime Pro 7 and other small utilities that I managed to purchase.

As I have said, it was painless except for the PLDT torture test. Yes, I needed to download 2.0rc3 and the latest Apple XCode – took me more than 45 minutes getting it. Add to the fact that I was also installing TeXShop at the same time (it was install from network, i.e. internet). All I got was a sustained bandwidth of 1.4Mbps!

Anyway, all is fine now – just configuring and downloading some little apps from here and there. I am glad that I had the opportunity to start fresh again. My ‘book seems to be faster now. 🙂

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