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What good can standards bring?

Posted by rom on December 15, 2005

One thing good about standards is that there are too many to choose from. 😀 This is probably what Microsoft has in mind. It is their effort in making sure that they keep their office productivity suite dominance. Unfortunately, more and more organizations are seeing the evil of their ways. Proprietary file formats is so passe! Open standards is the way to go.

The Open Document Format is what is being pushed by the likes of Sun, and IBM, among others. Microsoft is proposing an Open XML format. Why create another one and not just support ODF? What makes Open XML more superior if only Microsoft will support it? No sense in that, imho. Third-party companies will create filters to convert files between the two formats – isn’t this what is happening now even with Microsoft’s proprietary file formats? So it is the same banana – xml or not!
If Microsoft will not support ODF and only support Open XML, then get the best of both worlds by using an application that supports both, right? I am sure that open source developers will come up with native Open XML support in applications such as’s Office suite.

Sorry, I just do not see the logic behind the Open XML format. C’mon Microsoft, you cannot beat ’em, just join ’em and support ODF!


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