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Power tripping

Posted by rom on December 15, 2005

News like this just goes to show that people who are in power and with no knowledge of technical stuff are dangerous. This does not mean that each one should be a geek but it just pays to have some competent technical people as advisers. However, having competent technical advisers who are closed-minded is worse!

Unfortunately, OCC is not alone in this vast sea of organizations deciding on tech-related issues without doing adequate research. I know of an organization that almost went the OCC-way but not to the extent of ousting someone from his/her post. The organization did not know anything about Mac’s resulting in difficulties for its technical personnel in getting Mac procurements approved. The organization’s top-honchos are only familiar with Microsoft Windows-based computers (and little knowledge of Linux because they don’t have a choice) – even equating Mac’s with x86-based clones and stating that Mac’s are just ridiculously priced! I may be wrong but they may just be waiting for MacIntels! Hehehe…

Anyway, I hope that OCC will reconsider and I hope that organizations will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages first before making hasty decisions. Get the facts straight!


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