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Buffin’ the scuffs!

Posted by rom on December 5, 2005

A few weeks after getting my 15″ powerbook, I noticed that there are scuff marks on the LCD screen caused by the keyboard rubbing against it when the lid’s closed. I thought that I can easily remove it with my ScreenSavrz and a several drops of water but no luck.

I then tried iKlean, which I bought when I went to the Apple Store in San Francisco. Tough luck, it could not get the scuff marks off of the LCD. It does a great job cleaning it, though. I still have half a bottle of iKlean and I use it to clean my powerbook (and the wife’s powerbook, of course).

Yesterday, I bought a 4oz bottle of Omnicleanz and spent almost half an hour buffing the screen. I used the 3M micro fibre cloth as well as the iKlean lint-free cloth to buff it. After seeing half an hour’s worth of re-runs on HBO, the scuff marks on the LCD screen are gone! Well, might not be completely gone but I could no longer see any trace of the scuffs. I am satisfied. I will re-apply Omnicleanz every week to keep the LCD clean.

This one is a must-have if you have LCD screens!

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