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Serving two masters

Posted by rom on December 3, 2005

Apple now considers Linux as a threat. Am a Linux user first before a Mac user and I cannot simply abandon Linux in favor of the Mac even if I am such a Mac addict.

Linux is a solution for geeks who love to tinker with their machines. It is a solution for those who cannot afford to buy a Mac. There are still a lot of advantages of having Linux but I do admit that Mac OS X also comes with its own advantages.

Living with both is possible. I just hope that Apple does not completely abandon the open source community simply because it perceives it as a threat. I am still hoping that Apple will support the Open Document Format for compatibility with

iWork 2.0 with a spreadsheet built-in will make me not dependent on for my basic office suite needs. (I use LaTeX for my documents) However, it is also important that iWork interoperates with other applications and in my case, is much more important that MS Office! [hey, there is an MS Office suite for the Mac already anyway!]


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