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Updates Galore

Posted by rom on November 30, 2005

First order of business, Repair Permissions and then fire up Software Update on your Mac. This will download and install Security Update 2005-009. This is available for both Tiger and Panther’s server and client installations.

Next, go to Mozilla and download version 1.5 of Firefox! Works on Windows, Linux and Mac. Free the web! Download Firefox and dump MS Internet Explorer!

For video-playing iPod owners, Splasm just released version 1.1.2 of Podner. I now have a lot of video converters for my fifth gen iPod – Quicktime Pro 7.0.3, Toast 7, Podner and MoviePod. So far, I like the way Podner performs. I have tried MoviePod yesterday but will see how it performs on medium quality encoding. The lowest quality is super-fast! [If you do not use Quicktime Pro’s engine hehehe]

Firmware version 2.6.0 for the Sony Playstation Portable is now out. First hand report from my friend, Joel, indicated that it rocks! Streaming podcasts, RSS, WMA, etc. Well, I am still not getting one until CES this January. Besides, the Giga Pack has yet to be released locally.


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