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Christmas is here!

Posted by rom on November 29, 2005

Just went to my favorite Starbucks branch along Commonwealth Avenue this morning to my first caffeine boost. Got honey-glazed donuts for my daughter (she has a fever after she got her shots yesterday – normal body reaction, according to her doctor, Tita Ivy) and then decided to join the rest of the country and start the season right. I bought this CD – a little less than US$10, so it is well worth it (US$9.99 over at iTunes Music Store – if it is even available!).
Popped it in my powerbook’s superdrive, ripped it to Apple Lossless format and that is it! Time to transfer it to my Nano and 5G ipods. 🙂

Merry Christmas, folks! I have far less number of gifts to buy this year. hehehe. Will just give gifts to folks who are dear to me. 😛


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