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How to save money using faster broadband connections

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

With today’s broadband battle going in full swing, subscription costs either decreases or bandwidth increases or even both. Current broadband bandwidth, at least for residential customers, can go as fast as 2 Mbps. People tend to get lowest priced package – lowest cost per bandwidth. However, power users get what they can afford.
That being said, is the lowest cost actually lower than the next package?

For a power user like me (unfortunately spoilt by having fast connections overseas), I am currently subscribed under the fastest available residential package, 2Mbps. I could have subscribed to the more affordable PHP995 (384kbps or was that 512kbps) but the maths may prove that I will be spending more in the long run. How is it so?

Lower bandwidth means longer download times. This easily translates to more power. With power rates endlessly increasing (even when the cost of oil goes down and the peso improves), the total cost might just be more than spending for the next higher bandwidth package. More so if you are one of those people who frequent bittorrent sites. 🙂

So, if you are looking at subscribing to a broadband service or thinking of increasing or decreasing your bandwidth, take this into account. Remember that the faster you download, the less time you are online and the less time your computer needs to remain on. 😀

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