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Free Food!

Posted by rom on November 27, 2005

We usually have our pizza delivered by Yellow Cab. However, during weekends, the waiting time increases from 30-45 minutes to 45-60 minutes due to the number of orders they are getting. Pretty in demand, huh?

We no longer order from Pizza Hut since that night when my kids and I had stomach pains after eating their pizza. Yeah – it was unfortunate and since then, Pizza Hut lost a customer.

Next is Shakey’s. This is the nearest to our house – just a five minute motor bike ride. With their 30 minute guarantee, pizza should be piping hot when delivered… which is not always the case.

Today, I just availed of their current promo – an 18″ pizza similar to Yellow Cab’s Four Seasons, i.e. you get 4 different flavors in one pizza. Since it is larger than the usual pizza that they deliver, guaranteed delivery time is 45 minutes (as opposed to 30 minutes). Unfortunately, they could not deliver on time (for the 3rd time) and we got a free 18″ pizza again. Sorry I was not able to take a photo of the pizza but I must tell you, it did not look like a pizza anymore. The dough was not tossed properly — lift one slice and half of it will be left behind. The toppings did not cover the entire pizza, too… and it’s too oily! (yuck!) Since we waited almost an hour for the pizza and we were too hungry, we just ate it (just hope that we don’t get stomach aches later). Could not even finish 2 slices! Oh well… this is good for my diet! šŸ™‚
My recommendation – don’t order it! Unless, of course, it is delivered free but then again, you better think twice!


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