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Posted by rom on November 9, 2005

Well, now that I have a new iPod, the Nano is now being used as a dust magnet. I don’t want to sell it because it is so darn nice. I bought a clear hardcase for it this afternoon. I have decided to protect it still so I can lend it to the kids without getting worried that it’d get deep scratches. 😀 Anyway, now I am thinking of getting the lanyard headset but since I will not be the one to primarily use it, I figured that maybe bundling it with the iM4 would be a good idea. Can use it for the kids to listen to Grimm’s Fairy Tale audiobook.

Also bought an AV cable for the iPod. Took me awhile before I wasa able to get one that is priced correctly. I went to Megamall last Monday and saw it – asked for the price but the store clerks did not know the price. Apparently, it is bundled when you get a new old iPod (since the video-iPods are scarce). This afternoon, I was able to get one from one of the shops in SM North EDSA for PhP1,300 (it is only USD19, though). Apple Centre sells it for PhP2,000.

Anyway, connected it to the TV and I must say that the quality is great! Played one of the Pixar short films, several music videos, an episode of the Suite Life and several trailers. This is sufficient for presentation purposes! 🙂 I just wish that there is a retractable AV cable so it’d be easier to carry.


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