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99 cents per episode?

Posted by rom on November 9, 2005

Thanks to Apple’siPod and iTunes Music Store, downloadable video seems to be getting a lot of attention. It is because of the announcement last week of getting a million downloads in 20 days? Well, if that does not get you to at least try it, I don’t know what will. 🙂

Anyway, this news seem to be joining the bandwagon. Just like any other companies following Apple’s lead, they offer products with a twist. NBC and CBS offer USD 0.99 per episode! How cool is that? Imagine, getting CSI for the price of the Kitchie Nadal McDo combo of drink and twister fries! This will surely be a worthy competitor to iTMS… BUT there is a catch – the episodes are only available for one week, afterwhich it gets deleted or something. With iTMS, once you buy it, it is yours already – with DRM but still it does not expire. USD 1.99 for ownership of an episode version USD 0.99 one week rent, which one would you choose?

Only time will tell which business model will click but for the first month or so, Apple’s business model seems to be proving its worth. I wish that NBC and CBS will offer their video the same way as Apple – perpetual license to use the video. Also, with Microsoft being part of that MSNBC thing, I hope that NBC will support open file formats instead of sticking with only with WMV. It sucks, really! 🙂


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